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Steel Forging

The City-State of Ferrus has mastered the science of forging steel. This is used to make plate and chain armor, fine blades, and a wide variety of utensils. Metalworking and carving stone have been a long tradition in the Iron Territory. The advent of steel has had a tremendous impact in nearly every walk of life from warfare to transportation, from production to security.   There has been a rumor that the Smiths of Ferrus have been experimenting with creating new steel alloys. These metals are said to be various hues and have distinct properties. If these "chromatic steels" exist, Ferrus will revolutionize metalworking once again. Despite its uncertain existence, what is not known is how this new steel could be created.


Used to craft any article that requires a strong, durable, more flexible metal. Primarily used in arms and armor, but also for tools or devices.


Ferrus uses many Foundries and creates steel from the abundance of iron obtained from the Deepdelve Mines.
The guild called the Smiths of Ferrus discovered this metalworking secret and have become a political power to rival even the Grand Marshal. They closely guard the secrets of the the more subtle points of their art. "Chromatic Steel", if it exists, is said to be their most precious secret.
Access & Availability
Initially, steel and its secrets were a closely guarded secret of Ferrus, but as time wore on and as the Iron Territory began to trade with nearby domains, this became known to many lands. However, the finest steel and the best quality always hail from Ferrus.
The Smiths of Ferrus are highly honored among the strict military hierarchy of the Mighty Host. Forging arms and armor is crucial to a successful military. The Iron Territory has become both a military power and an economic power for discovering how to turn iron into steel.

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