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Season Senser

The Season Senser is a calendar of the very predictable seasons. The cold season is scheduled to begin snowing on Pathday in the month of Vilno. The wet season is scheduled to rain red drops of water on Montoday in the month of Tackfo. The weather that comes with the seasons is also predictable. The villagers sketched out on a large piece of dried sap a giant calendar. Each season lasts for an equal amount of time. They set up months with thirty-five days in each. Since each season lasts for 70 days they made it so every two months the season changes. Using this piece of technology saved farmers from starting planting too early and it saved cloth-weavers from making warm clothes when the cold season abruptly came along.
One of the common villagers named Henble Scub discovered the predictability of the seasons and the weather. He was a farmer and he thought how gravely inconvenient it was to have to guess the correct time to start planting. Then it came to him. Maybe he could change that! He began to recall when the warm season started. He counted the first few days and waited until the season ended. The season was 70 days long! Then when cold season struck he caughted those days and it also lasted 70 days. The first people Henble told this to thought that it was just a coincidence, but a year passed and Henble recorded the days. They all had 70 again! Henble brought this to the current priest. The priest told Henble to look farther into it. Henble wrote out a smaller scale version of the Season Senser and gave it to the priest. The priest ordered that a group of people make a larger version of the calendar that Henble had shown the him. They then made the Season Senser and they put it on display for all of the other villagers to see.

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