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Automatons, or forged intelligence, are considered the pinnacle of achievement by Melorian craftworkers. Made of metal and a blend of magic and electricity, they can be programmed to complete many different tasks, including data collection, simple labor, sentry duty, and basic cooking. While the original inventors of the technology behind automatons are humans, the first automaton was created by a team of halfling clockmakers and gnome researchers.   As electrical technology is still highly experimental, and the creation of semi-sentient creatures even more so, access to automatons is mainly restricted to members of the government and the upper class. However, factory workers are allowed to access the memory banks of those automatons that dwell within the factories of Meloria, although they are not permitted to do so without supervision. Those who build the automatons are not permitted to speak with those who do not know the secrets, a controversial rule which has cut off the artisans and researchers from their families.


Automatons were created in an attempt to reduce worker casualties in the more dangerous work environments of factories, by replacing humanoid or demonic workers with metal ones who could be rebuilt if necessary. Unfortunately, the earlier automatons were very fragile, and therefore were mostly regulated to simple desk work or data collection. The current version of automatons is undergoing a trial run by the Council as members of the city guard, under the watch of higher-ranking humans.


In order to create an automaton, a very specific set of magical and electrical circumstances are required, in addition to the wiring, body and other mechanical parts that allow it to work properly. As such, automatons are some of the most complex machinery designed and produced by Melorian craftspersons. If at any point the automaton is exposed to elements such as acid, extreme electrical currents, or water, the work much be begun again, and the original parts scrapped.   Automatons start as pieces of steel, copper wiring, and glass, which are molded, welded, and screwed into position in order to form the body of the automaton. Then the delicate process of imbuing the automaton with its semblance of life is performed, using a blend of magical work to give it intelligence and instructions and electrical work for energy purposes. After some testing to pinpoint any faults, the automaton is given its instructions, and given a tentative release into controlled circumstances. If at any point the automaton appears to malfunction, it is pulled off of its
Halfling clockmakers and gnome researchers
Access & Availability
Extremely complex; requires metalworking, electrical skill, and magical ability

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