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12 Likki 1016

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A bay of cracked and broken islands. Mountains frozen with fire. A dead sea of grass. A dark forest filled with secrets. This is what Pinar, the once great kingdom of the human race, has been reduced to.   A few strongholds still remain- Bastion, at one time the last defense of the kingdom against invaders from the Fiery Summits, now a heavily-fortified center of the mountain range's trade, and Meloria, the City of Metal, fallen Capital of Pinar and now a center of once-innovative technology and well hidden corruption.   Other cities and towns stand, mainstays of other races who made their homes here. To the North, the Grotto of the Elven Druids still stands, its roots grown deep and twisted through the wild places it clings to. To the East, Daverne rests like a twisted shadow, shattered and crippled by waves of despair and unrest, the majority of its Drow creators sealed away deep within. To the West, Bluff's Shadow nestles in the Summits, a veritable ghost-town, held together by half-remembered magics from the Elemental Planes. To the South, there is nothing: not a whisper from the towns and villages that once dotted the rotting Plains, their names forgotten.   Pinar is no more: a new world awaits, its backbone rising. The Convergence is near.