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Created by TyrannusRex
Ironworking is the art of crafting weapons and armor from iron. The Centerran culture are responsible for inventing Iron Armor and later shared this knowledge with the Salusk of Vesteria , who had access to tremendous amounts of iron in their mountain ranges.


Iron is largely used to make armor and weapons, though it has revolutionized many areas of civilization, including agriculture, where it makes for strong tools and plow blades, and engineering, where the greatest minds are doing great work with gears and levers.


After iron has been mined from the earth, it gets melted down and refined into pure iron ingots, which are then sold in markets to blacksmiths who melt it down along with other metals to pour into molds or manually shape into forms necessary for swords, shields, armor, etc.
Access & Availability
Iron is a fairly common resource, both on Centerra and Vesteria , so for a decent sum of money, a blacksmith can forge you the sturdiest armor or the sharpest blade known.
A blacksmith's apprentice can become certified to forge with iron after 4-5 years of study, though most will stay for a total of 10-15 years to learn to work with different metals and forging techniques.
Ironworking has been known to Centerran humans for over 800 years. As soon as iron was discovered in the caverns of Centerra, the Human population didn't take long to start modifying and replacing their bronze with iron, and steel soon afterwards.

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