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Nations in the tropics, the names didn't get yet to Eloria.
This technology is yet not developed, having just started to spread. It's however a revolutionary technology, despite yet inacessible to a lot of people and that would for sure play a big role in the wars to come. New technologies are being developed secretly in the major kingdoms to take advantage of this new weapons and there's not yet any kind of regulation. Major criminals are able to get firearms too, originating a black market. A major revolution helped in hunting with guns, promoting a great advance and making these new weapons more popular. The use in war, however was never tested as there are people who say the neighbouring kingdoms are also trying to develop this technology. Only the nobles are allowed to port weapons and the use is yet restricted to hunting and self-defense. There are still only primitive pistols available, but research advance in the construction of rifles. Bowlguns were also developed and today are more common, satrting to substitute the usual bowls.


Made by artesans with orders from the nobles and the kings, not yet a common technology made in larger scale.
Not known, invented in some nation in the tropics, far in the sea.
Access & Availability
It's a rare technology, but pistols are starting to get popular amongst mebers of aristocracy. The Secret Policy also have one firear for each integrant. Few famillies however invest in producing them, restricting most of the firearms to be produced by the kings.
Yet simple, but growing in complexity.
It's a technology thata came from another kingdom, brought by adventurers from the sea. It's said to be invented by the peoples who live in the tropics, who heppened to discover gun powder a few centuries before.

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