Legend of the Queen of the Damned

A tale of vengeance and hatred if their ever one that shaped the generations after it was told.


Most the legend of the vampire queen Korilia who seeks vengeance against Humanity after she made to suffer and watched as her family is murder before her eyes when she was human. She was then held against her will by a noblemen who desired her. She ripped out his throat when he raped her after months of impersonment. After that she became a vampire with the help of Puraka, the blood god. She then waged a war along and bloody war with her undead armies and other supernatural creatures at her command across the land before she was defeated.

Historical Basis

Korilia was a real person during the period and was indeed a Vampire which were most common during that period of time. She started conflict known as the Night War, which lasted for several decades. Many kingdoms and cities such as the city of Uranos and the kingdom of Altera fell before her as many of its peoples would join the ranks of her undead armies. She was final defeated by saint Ganacus and his Black Order in the Castle of the noblemen that imprisoned her. The castle was destroyed in the ensuing battle and was left to rubble never to be disturbed. Ganacus claimed that he killed her, but no body was ever recovered which wouldn’t be possible since vampires turn to bone and as when destroyed.


The legend itself quite known across the western lands of kinith with most telling by the fire.

Variations & Mutation

Some scholars have written that she an evil women even before she was a vampire, while others have written that she was the with noblemen who constantly abused her before he killed her. While some members of the church claim that she wanted to repent for her sins before being killed by Ganacus.

Cultural Reception

In many cultures around the world vampire have been seen and some take it more seriously than others when come to the powers of a blood sucker.

In Literature

Some scholars at the time had written the events that happen during her war and the horrors and atrocities that transpired. Including guides on how to permanently kill a vampire and other supernatural creatures.

In Art

Many people created many forms of art depicting her. Artists painted many paintings of Korilia leading her armies and battling Ganacus and his forces. Statues of saint Ganacus can be found all over Vatian Empire with some depicting him battling her. They are shown clashing in glass murals in churches. A song was also created know as the Ballad of the Vampire Queen, which tells her whole story from her rise and downfall.
Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
48 BCA
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