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The Myth of the Old Gods

A long, long time ago, powerful mages and humans lived in the same world, walking next to each other. These mages were like humans, but had incredible powers and subjulgated them whwnever they wanted. The humans grew fearfull and decided to rebel and set themselves free. The mages were powerful, but were not organized and were much less in numbers, resulting in their demise. These folks were captured and burnt by the people under the faith brought by the Poecy, that worshiped the Gods of Life and Death. This organization dizimated the mages with the help of the kings and brought peace once again to the kingdoms of humans.


Once there was mages, powerful humans that could control reality itself. Humans declared war on these mages, using the pretext that these people were dangerous and needed to be contained. The mages were then dizimated, and the books came to treat the things that actually happened as politicaly motivated, stating that there were never mages, but enemies of the Poecy and enemies of the kings that ruled in the period.

Historical Basis

The hunt for the mages really happened, after that the mages isolated themselves from the human world. The humans forgot about their existence and treated them as myths, and considered the war a political conflict instead.


The myth of the mages and the wichunt is spread throught the world, includind the whole region of Eloria, where the Poecy is untill today very powerfull and influent.

Variations & Mutation

The mythology refer to these mages as gods thata walked around humans and there are incoutable myths refering to these beings.

Cultural Reception

Ancient cultutres used to worship gods that they say walked amongst humans. Modern scripts consider these gods to be interpretations of the mages and the way these beings subjulgated humans. Overall, in one way or another all of the legends mutated and nobody really knows what portion of these oegends were real or not. Today, all is considered different myths, based however in the same beings in different cultures.

In Literature

There are several scripts that treat these people as Gods or evil beings enemies of the humanity, and the legends varies greatly from regions.

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