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Of Soul and Mind and their Unification

How the world and the spindlesylphs came to be.

Written by SnoopFluffy

Since this myth is told the way it's told in the High Order's records the term "spindlesylph" will be replaced with "firstborn". The "whisperworld" will just be called "earth".

This story is passed down only to priests of the High Order and is the basis of their believe system and culture. It tells a tale of the complicated union of soul and mind and the delicate balance that has to be sustained to keep spindlesylph society from decay.


Once the earth was lifeless and boiling and pulsating from energy. One day the earth had a daughter, which was the sun, and shortly after she gave birth to another daughter, which was the moon. The earth formed mountains and seas and died creating our home. The Older Sister while full of life and fruitfulness was imprecise and witless. The Younger Sister was smart and meticulous, but barren and unable to create life. The Younger Sister made earth a beautiful and nurturing place, while the older sister filled the plains and forests and waters and skies with joyful life. But just like she, life was instinct driven and brutish. None of them was able to create sentient life on her own. Since creation was instant they couldn't combine their powers to create a single creature with both, soul and mind, so they created each one, equipped with their best traits. And the firstborn, children of the Older Sister, lent their soul to their twins, children of the Younger Sister, and they returned the gift in form of mind and intelligence. And so we were born in pairs complementing each over, a sentient and civilized life form instead of brutish beasts and dead and cold lumps of flesh.

But the firstborn felt like they were treated unfairly and revolted. They yelled: "Why should we give our live force for these?". And they slaughtered their kin. The firstborn grew and saw they had done right. Showing their new strength they told the goddesses: "Why did you take this from us? We will kill any twinborn immediately after they leave our wives' womb". But as they spoke their mind faded. They lost their sentience and ate their sisters and brothers.

The divine sisters scattered them over the earth and created new children. These children didn't know about their origin and lived in peace. The High Order was left behind to beware the new children and keep their divide a secret, for the lust for power corrupts the people.

Historical Basis

Like any creation myth its roots lie in the pre-scientific attempts to understand the world. There isn't much truth in most of the described events.

The myth existed before the High Order became the sole keepers of the secret of the twinborn's existence.
There was a war between twinborn and spindlesylphs , even though its was much more chaotic than handed down, since the twinborn didn't know if they were twinborn or spindlesylph .


The myth of the creation of firstborn and twinborn is only known to members of the High Order .

Variations & Mutation

There are two major variants of this myth, the first is considered canon by two of the High Order's denominations, the second is the foundation of the remaining four denominations faith.

Variation 1 is exactly as told in the summary. Even though it's only accepted by two denominations, these denominations make up the largest part of the High Order.

Variation 2 is the cause of the great split, dividing the High Order into one traditionalist fraction still calling themselves the High Order and a newer sub-organisation internally called the firstborn.

Variation 2:
In this variation the Younger Sister didn't work in harmony with her Older Sister and instead forced the parasitic relationship onto the people of the spindlesylphs. These denominations search for a method to distinguish spindlesylphs and twinborn , but keep the secret until they succeed in their efforts, because they are afraid of a civil war.
Date of Setting
At the beginning of time(around 2000 years ago).
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