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Officer Bullhorn sped towards the theater in his police car. He couldn't remember the last time he'd received a call sounding so urgent. As he pulled up to the theater door, a human dame rushed out, her eyes wide and her mouth frozen open, though no sound came out. Officer Bullhorn leaped out of the police car and rushed towards the dame, catching her as she ran blindly forward. "Ma'am! What seems to be the problem?" asked Bullhorn in his gruff voice. The dame gestured wildly towards the theater, and Officer Bullhorn's breath caught in his throat as a dark shape staggered out of the entrance. It was like a shadow turned solid, a black mass in the vague shape of a broadly built human. A gurgling moan came out of what might have been its head as it lurched towards Officer Bullhorn. "Get back!" He bellowed as he reached for his eraser, a weapon he had hoped to never use, and swiped the deadly pink club at the mass. To his horror, it had no effect on the black creature. "It's ink," croaked the terrified woman. "You can't erase ink."

Basic Information


Inklings are strange creatures, not to mention spooky as all get out, and dangerous. They are the primitive, ancestral form of Toons, what they all start out as before an Animator takes them and molds them into a livin' character. They ain't much more than blobs of black liquid, which wouldn't be so scary except for the fact that they can range in size from a single drop to the size of a lake. Inklings long for shape, something to give them structure, but in their natural state they are little more than pure raw material, with no definition or purpose.

Growth Rate & Stages

Inklings mindlessly spread themselves over physical objects, hopin' to take on its shape, but all they do is absorb whatever they touch into themselves, increasin' their size and makin' them even more dangerous in the process. If left unchecked, an Inkling could theoretically grow forever, which, combined with the fact that they can't be damaged by erasers, makes them just about the most disturbin' things you can find in Mirthville.

Ecology and Habitats

Inklings were kept in the old Funtoon studio, though no one knows if they were actually created there or were discovered by an Animator. Since they are the primordial state of all Toons, it's likely they existed long before the Animators arrived and created Mirthville, though no one can say for sure, since no one remembers anythin' from the time before the Funtoon studio was built, if there even was anything to remember at all.

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