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When Shape Shifters Switch Hues

Under the guise of lost moonlight, the prismatic lizardmen do not shine. To most people they have been invisible, unknown amongst their petty fights with life and death, until...

Basic Information


Chamaeleonidae Arcanum, hertoforth called color shifters, are scaled, bipedal creatures with long, spindly 7-fingered hands and thinner legs. They reach heights of about 15 feet tall and can grow a tail at will for balance. Their bulbous eyes change colors depending in the month, and their ability to shift colors to blend in makes them necessarily invisible to 99% of Humans. They have no mouth, so how do they scream?

Genetics and Reproduction

Color Shifters have found, ever since 2026 in their calendar, they they no longer have the ability to age, to give birth, or to die. They're a species made static and the youngest specimen is therefore 10,000 years old by human measuring standards. It is to be said that it is unknown to color shifters whether they're invincible or not, despite not being able to die from natural causes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The dietary needs of a color shifter is unknown. Since they don't need to eat because of their incidental immortality, they tend to look for what they find pleasurable to eat if they're ever in the mood. Some like Human Flesh, others like orange popsicles, others like rubber, it depends on the individual.

Biological Cycle

All color shifters are for better or worse roughly the same age of about 10,000 years old with no sense or ability to age as they know it. How they get affected by their environment tends to vary depending on what planet they're on but for the most part on Chromaubade they thrive in the dark months. Their natural habitat is infernos, icy blizzards, amongst the undead, the dark seasons are their favorite.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Color Shifters have telepathy and an innate sense of magic. They can control their magical prowlice through which color they choose to be, adjusting for hue distortion brought on by someone's color blindness or the current color of the light at that moment. Were they ever to be found out, this would make them a prime target for anyone interested in the arcane arts to dissect... And possibly cause diplimatic trouble they didnct even know existed from beyond the stars into which their civilizations lie.
Scientific Name
Chamaeleonidae Arcanum
Conservation Status
Chamaeleonidae Arcanum holds their own masses of civilizations beyond this foresaken planet, their planets and moons sometimes apprearing in the ever changing sky some months and disappearing on others.

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