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The Simulacra

"Malaqur the Esteemed was a fool to go on with his experiments. No mortal can create life as gods do, not truly. He should have known there would be consequences. Now that soulless... thing... is loose! Out in the city, multiplying. Posing as Atlantean citizens, true humans! It must be stopped before it gets off the island, and by the gods, I hope someone has the will to make that happen."  
-Rillhar, Master of Knowledge

Basic Information


"The inherent form of a Simulacrum is that of a Human, but featureless. Generic. A perfectly blank slate."  
-Ulcotir, Chief Physician

Biological Traits

"These cursed things are shape-shifters. They can turn into any living thing they've eaten. Near impossible to find the Simulacra from the Humans. Go down just as easy as a Human, though. Same weak points."  
- Hajric, Headmaster of the Simulacra Investigation, briefing his men

Genetics and Reproduction

"According to Malaqur's notes, the Simulacra reproduce asexually. They consume their prey, usually humans, and with the nutrients gained from the meal split in two. This happens over a period of days. By the gods, we don't even know when the first one got loose. There's no telling how many there are..."  
-Ulcotir, Chief Physician

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

"Simulacra are not afforded any advantages over Humans in regards to their senses. It is worth mentioning, though, that they are able to perform magic, the soulless bastards. We learned this because the Simulacra's first victim was Malaqur himself. Once we realized what it was, it vaporized five wizards before we killed it."  
- Hajric, Headmaster of the Simulacra Investigation

Civilization and Culture


"Malaqur made these things to satisfy his own ego. Borne of dangerous mixtures of his own blood and quintessence. Should we survive this, Atlantis, no... the entire world... will know of Malaqur the Foolish. His great error in judgement will be a teaching moment for all humanity."  
- Navah, a rival wizard of Malaqur

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

"Malaqur the Esteemed... He sought the impossible. Godhood. His legacy could have been anything. The Ironrail, his insights into the nature of quintessence. Anything. But now his legacy is Atlantis's doom. His soulless creations seek our extermination. To replace us utterly, until it is everything. If we struggle so, the rest of the world will not fair better."  
- Rillhar, Master of Knowledge
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens artificialis
Conservation Status
To those who know of the Simulacra's existence it, and its duplicates, are strictly kill-on-sight.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
"In its natural state, for lack of a better term, the skin of a Simulacrum is a grey-beige color. When imitating someone, pockets of pigment in the skin are able to mimic any Human skin tone, as well as any birthmarks or tattoos needed for the disguise."  
- Ulcotir, Chief Physician

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