"The Daemons, those fallen kind who have succumbed to the whispers of Chaos, and whose hearts are made like shining stones, haunt the deep reaches of the world, where shadows lie darkest. Here, they cut out the stony hearts, and make idols of great mockery and malice." ~The Account of Daemons

Basic Information


Daemons are shapeshifters, but most often take the form of humanoids; commonly seen with horns, claws, talons, or hooves.

Genetics and Reproduction

Daemons have long since spent out their reproductive capacity through either overuse of their organs or through malign experimentation.

Ecology and Habitats

Daemons will live anywhere they can find mortals to exploit, from harsh deserts to barren tundras.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Blood is a common drink for Daemons, and they have developed a taste for human flesh over the centuries, but will suffice for less. They do, however, require magick to feast on, in order to fuel their own hearts, and avoid being utterly destroyed by the Chaos they serve.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Nix is their King, and under him are the other most powerful Daemons, who are Liltha, Azmodhos, and Ba'allos. Those three make up the lords of Daemonkind, and all others are accounted beneath them, with more powerful individuals being of higher rank than the lesser.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Daemons can be utilized as a raw resource of sorts. Their blood has magickal properties, and their hearts are often used in powerful daemonic rituals. Goblins even once devised a way of using Daemon hearts to give life to engines of war, but a strong mage or warlock is required to prevent this abomination from attacking its own allies out of hatred.

Facial characteristics

Most often predatory or otherwise malformed and bestial.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Naturally magick in nature, they have varying abilities from destructive to subversive.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Polyamorous or completely abstinent (in favor of committing vile acts elsewhere, not for the sake of chastity)

Average Technological Level

Sentient weapons and war machines


The Daemons arose from the ranks of the Domvari, and are those who were seduced by the whispers of Chaos. Their first work began with the corruption of the Orikai, who awoke withing the mountains of the Colossal's Spine in Sun'Ashar. It was the Daemons who had the Orks wage war against the Sun'Shönai, but the Daemons themselves were never perceived during the conflict. It was in Anglëa, during the Daemon War, that the Daemons made themselves known, but their number was hidden, and only Thauros and Djablos were seen by the Domvari. Both of these were slain in the war, Thauros by Ne'ertsos and Djablos by Nichtos. After the war, Sauros offered up his essence to Nichtos, and became part of that Domvar's power. Nichtos went on to cause unrest in Sun'Ashar, and drove his own brother, Ne'ertsos, to madness, inciting the War of Blight. During that war, Nichtos returned to Anglëa and assumed lordship as Nix over the Daemons, devouring those who opposed his will. The deeds of Nix will be told elsewhere. Under Nix, the Daemons were better organized, and their thoughts focused to his goals. During the Torn'Barath, the Daemons only fought openly after Garta'Jun was conquered by Nix, and only within the mountainous walls of that land. After their master's defeat, however, the entire race was scattered, save only for a few who acted as servants to the three greatest among them, who are named Liltha, Azmodhos, and Ba'allos. Nix soon began to act again, as a dark shadow, and he gathered many Daemons to him to spread his will in secret, and this is how they have operated since.

Historical Figures

Liltha, the Daemon of Lust, who is responsible for seducing Nichtos, the brother of Ne'ertsos. Djablos, the Daemon of Terror, who fought openly in the Daemon War. Thauros of Wrath, who fought openly in the Daemon War, killed Belligos (the Domvar of Warriors and brother to Ne'ertsos), and was ultimately slain by Ne'ertsos. Nix, the Daemon King, who set in motion the destruction of Sun'Ashar, the fall of Ne'ertsos, kidnapped Arda (the daughter of Rhumnos and Helëna, and sister of Iulius and Tulius, the co-kings of Rhumnaria), and many other dark deeds in the world.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Hated and opposed by most races of the world, save for the Orikai and Saharin, who worship them as deities.
Scientific Name
Daemonë Domvarë
Conservation Status
Measures to protect the survival of Daemons are strictly prohibited in most nations.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length


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