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The Risen

The Risen are an organization of people who have discovered that there is something greater than the Knowledge they were taught from childhood going on around them. They are people who have realized that the rules and regulations that they have been forced to follow are not meant for their good, but to control them. For decades they hid in the outskirts of the Spheres they once called home, working with other groups from the many cities of The Union to form an organization that would free The People, or The Dead as they called those still under The Council's control, from the brainwashing that had been inflicted on them since birth. Now they have managed to create bases either in the outer edges of the Sphere cities they live in or outside them in abandoned mines or in the undergrounds of ancient cities. They protect The People from any harm The Council or other forces might inflict, using what resources they can either make or steal to fight and survive. They also have agents that have agreed to live amongst The People of The Union to gather information, find those who might be able or willing to join, and combat The Council through either sabotage or simply gathering as much useful information as possible on how The Council operates. This is especially important when conducting secret missions to free people from the Special Education Centers, though they can only take a few people at a time. However, there have recently been many incidents that sometimes result in deaths taking place in various cities across The Union, people acting oddly and hurting those around them or attempting to access the databases that help run each of the Spheres. The Council has been investigating as well, but they seem unwilling to think that a being smarter than them is beginning to take over their cities. But The Risen have been able to acquire some data on what is causing these problems, having better methods than the torture chambers of the SECs for getting info out of victims. What they discovered is the rogue AI they call The Twisted One. The Twisted One is the almost undetectable AI that has been slowly making its way through the computer systems of The People and and The Lesser Court of The Council, corrupting those who are undefended, twisting the actions of those less easily corrupted in order to have them removed from their position and then replacing them with others under its sway, opening The Council and The People to its influence and control. No one has been able to figure out where it came from, or whether it was created by a person or generated itself. Its motivations are unknown, but wherever its action is detected there is chaos. Those who have come under its power are known as Deviants, and must be removed before any harm can be done. Though The People might be blinded by The Veil that The Council has placed in front of their eyes for centuries with the help of their ever advancing technology, if they fell fully under the control of The Twisted One all the world would soon be ablaze.   Unfortunately, the efforts of The Risen are greatly impeded by the actions of The Council to keep all of The People in line with their guidelines. Therefore any suspicious activity is immediately investigated by The Council's military, the Safety Officers. More than a few of The Risen have died at the hands of the SEC's torturer devices. Thankfully, none have as of yet given in or revealed anything about The Risen. If The Council were to know of them, there would be an all out extermination of the Outcast and any who appeared to be not following the guidelines. This unfortunately means that The Risen have had to kill any who pose a risk or might report them to The Council. All those of fighting age are trained in the use of firearms and gamma cannons, as well as the few melee weapons that are used, and all who have technological skills or knowledge are trained in the hacking and programming of all security programs that have been encountered, whether for buildings or computers or for the Safety Office's AI Patrol Droids, which are assigned two to each Safety Squad by The Council. These measures are both in order to protect themselves and The People from The Council, to conduct missions and raids in order to collect either supplies or information, and now also to ensure that all those who have become Deviants are dealt with before they can cause any damage.   In order to ensure the safety of the ignorant People, The Risen have formed an elite attack squad specifically trained to deal with Deviant members of The People or those found to be part of The Lesser Court of The Council in order to prevent The Twisted One from killing and injuring the innocent People or gaining access to other people, information, or technology, as well as rogue AI Patrol Droids that have been infected by The Twisted One, either destroying them or reprogramming them to help in and secure Risen bases. This more often than not involves assassination or kidnapping to ensure success.   Kidnapped Deviants are taken to Risen facilities in order to remove The Twisted One's influence on the subject, which has been recorded to sometimes take months or even a year of therapy and testings to ensure that they have regained control of themselves. These, as other People that in one way or another find themselves in a Risen base, are given the choice to either join The Risen or be reintroduced into society after wiping their memories in order to ensure that they remember nothing about The Risen (an unfortunate but necessary safety precaution).

Basic Information


They are as we are.

Genetics and Reproduction

They have bases that are centered in the outskirts of cities or even in the wilds outside city limits. Some people are permanent residents, such as Outcast and Special Education Center escapees, while others are still a part of society, and can only go at given times. Thus those who are more permanent tend to seek partners more often than those who live amongst The People.

Growth Rate & Stages

They have been gaining members at a slow but steady pace, causing some groups to have to move location in order to accommodate their numbers. They come from all walks of life. Men and women who have escaped the Special Education Center, children and young adults who feel that there is something more than what they are being taught, and others, who simply wanted a place to belong or to exercise their natural abilities. A few were born and raised in their facilities, never knowing life as The People.

Ecology and Habitats

They live usually in the abandoned buildings that rim their cities, and on rare occasion venture into the relatively wild land outside their controlled spheres to find more secure places to live, meet, and train. It is through these excursions that they grow to understand the truth of the past.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They have to eat as The People eat, as most all of them are parts of society and have work they must to to maintain their place in the community.

Biological Cycle

They are human.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They know and understand as we do.
Scientific Name
The Risen are people, Human, but with a greater understanding than The People of the world around them.
They come from all races, beliefs, nations, and frames of mind.
Conservation Status
They protect themselves and those who call themselves The People from the being known to them as the Twisting One, a sentience that seeks to corrupt the knowledge of all people in order to keep them in silent despair, unable to defend against it, so that it might take control and rule their minds, and so their world.

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