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Humanity A.K.A The Odby

Tonight we're bringing coverage on the counselor A. B. Lowto and his announcement today about what has happened and how the federation will basically in the most shocking statement he made before he died and what it was about The Odby actually being sentient and here is live footage of an interview he had with a creature whose race is named humanity..... [to becontinued go to hisory]

Basic Information


the are amorphic and they decide which gender they will be for the rest of there life by the age 21, they can literally morph into any animal combination and they can vanish into the Odby to hid.

Biological Traits

they all shift their traits quite often. they generally all shift into the traits that they are born with.

Genetics and Reproduction

on the ground they live for ages have plenty of kids that live underground and have a regular human reproduction. the full nine months full term.

Growth Rate & Stages

they live for ten years as generic humans then they get shocked to awaken their cells to shift then there biologically immortal until they chose to die

Ecology and Habitats

they are hardy and have collected the seeds of plants from the Unbunkers for the preservation of plant life. they till the soil and dig for most of their time and shift into the city to travel and view the internet. the one environment they have a hard time telling with is the cold.

Dietary Needs and Habits

a big need that they have is a big plant-based diet with lots of beans and other vegetables that grow in the winter. they tend to store thing like a hoarder and barely to stand to stay in one for too long. they also desperately need water. they protect their food stores in mass as huskers.

Biological Cycle

first, they shed their human form then change their biology to survive the winter and after a while, they chose their mates. after so many years the cells begin to break down and decay.

Additional Information

Social Structure

humanity has a husbandry culture were they gather food and water that is not contaminated by radiation so there is the head counsel that makes the decision as a group and then the technician was they monitor everyone's health everyone has equal say but fight happen very often

Uses, Products & Exploitation

they are being used unwillingly and unknowingly as the base technology of the Federation.

Facial characteristics

generally blue and violet eyes are most common. rare brown, green, and gray eyes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

generally, their pretty spread out across the desert where the megacity is located and anywhere the Odby can be found.

Average Intelligence

about 100- 280 IQ

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

they see through the vibration of the Odby, they have regular eyes to see, they can tase the air like a snake, they can see in the dark. they can shape in to diffrent animals eye site

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

that name themselves after location before the robot awaking. the names of the location are based on the common plant life that was in that area before

Major Organizations

the factions are jumpers who patrol the city's as robots, the Huskers are the ones who manage the food the technicians who keep everyone alive from radiation poising and the head counsel.

Beauty Ideals

they base it off of body paint and personality

Gender Ideals


Courtship Ideals

strong single person to person marriage. if one of the couples dies then they have a choice to find a new partner

Relationship Ideals


Average Technological Level

they have understood physics and mathematics very well and build there own Quantum field generators to keep themselves warm at night

Major Language Groups and Dialects

huskers have a hushed flowing delict, the technicians have an aggressive halting delict. the jumpers have fast and reserved dialects. the jumpers generally speak the same language as the people, and their main language is tan long.

Common Etiquette Rules

don't leave your friends behind, don't try to bite other people when in the underground, don't shift when your wairing closes. don't lite fires without approval

Common Dress Code

woven closes and shoes for all occasions and pants and part transformed skin into one of the warmer skinned animals

Culture and Cultural Heritage

humanity has an inherits system were they have an extremely detailed woven piece of cloth that stays within the makers the family for years. this cloth is called a litter

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

at there birth, the cloth is presented to the parents and a traditional dinner is prepared for all the newborns to celebrate

Common Taboos

if a person is an arsonist or steals another litter, destroying any house without proper authority. and finally, stelling is heavily looked down upon.


".....humanity has a rocky history with the United nation-state. first, there was huge upheaval from the robots uprising, we don't know the name we gave them it was still early in the rebellion, second the sudden outbreak of an unknown virus from space that devoured all the colonies. third, the most important thing is this we developed a way to effectively get rid of the robots by using zero-point energy to increase the magnetism in a small area and break down the plastics and the metals in your body's. but something when wrong that day and the entire power grid went down and you lot all shut down and all of us started to feel an intense burning all over our body's and we huddled together and we safe from the burning and then we started to fuse and everything after that is blank"  
  • a HIKZ 29 Newz interview with Mike Welled year WA 10,005
  • Historical Figures

    josia magnolia- who lead the escape from the people in 2000 WA Mike Welled - one of the oldest in the group of the humans

    Common Myths and Legends

    there's one legend of Chuck Norris and how he defended many opponents on the stage known as television.

    Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

    extremely tense between the people for they are there creator and the People are freaking out for humanity was hiding in their technology which goes at odds with the People's doctrine.
    Scientific Name
    humanity A.K.a the Odby
    the humans created a virus designed to combat the robot uprising whent horriblly wrong and they turned in to mounds of posating flesh which were uses as the technolic foundation of the fedration.
    Conservation Status
    and after some of them had hidden in wasteland they dug underground and had been spying on the megacity for 6,000 years.
    Average Height
    6' to 4' 8"
    Average Weight
    150kg- 400kg
    Average Length
    Average Physique
    there is slightly buff to vary buff they can change at will.
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    all different generally African to causation and everything in between

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