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A "Devilsnake" is a former human citizen of the town of Lantern Hill that has been cursed with monstrous features which have been strategically implemented by a wizard working with the town's landmark church to advance a heretical ideology. They are forced to cover their features with masks (which must cover the mouth), gloves, and traditional clothing. Their ability to speak has been taken away from them, and they no longer possess opposable thumbs -- in other words, by changing their form, the individuals responsible for their change have deliberately taken away their freedom of speech by severely hampering their ability to communicate with other humans. The term "Devilsnake" was popularized by the church in order to further progress their false claims against the people they've wronged.

Basic Information


Devilsnakes are still capable of walking upright, as they have two arms and two legs. One of the things that's been changed is their skin; all parts of the body, other than the head and neck, are covered in a subtle pattern of light red scales. Their hands have become that of a dragon's claw -- this is why they must wear gloves. And the area of the face around their jaw has been reshaped in a grotesque way, so that it reveals sharp teeth and a long, flailing tongue -- this is why they must wear masks.   The muscles are also optimized for physical ability such as running and swimming, emphasizing the individual's monstrous qualities.

Genetics and Reproduction

The wizard made it so that Devilsnakes no longer have the ability to reproduce. Their genitals are merely a remnant of their past form.

Growth Rate & Stages

A human body stops growing once its form has become that of a "Devilsnake". This limits the lifespan of the individual by many years.

Ecology and Habitats

"Devilsnakes" have two choices for their habitat: Lantern Hill, or the forest below.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nomadic Devilsnakes hunt exclusively for meat, whether of the land or of the sea. With its optimized muscles and dragon claws, Devilsnakes are able to hunt in a feral sort of way.   The way the mouth is structured, Devilsnakes have no choice but to consume their meat in a feral sort of way, whether it's been prepared by an unassuming loved one, or if it's been captured in the wild.

Biological Cycle

Unlike actual snakes, Devilsnakes do not shed their skin.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Devilsnakes can still hear, smell, taste, see, and feel, just the same as they could when they were human. However, when they have sudden experiences that cause a drastic increase in their adrenaline, their eyes change from that of a human's to that of a dragon's, and their sight is hyperdeveloped, causing them to act in a feral, defensive way that could potentially give away their inhumanity.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Their origin is unknown, but the church spreads a false rumor that they are monsters native to the continent of Newground.
Conservation Status
Devilsnakes have no choice but to protect themselves from public perception by any means necessary. Some run away into the forests surrounding Lantern Hill, living off the land as a monstrous nomad, staying near Lantern Hill only to keep an eye on the people he or she once knew. Some Devilsnakes still have human friends and/or a human family to take care of; therefore, they cover their bodies appropriately and do their best to traverse through life in Lantern Hill as if they were human. Most of the citizens of Lantern Hill are saddened by what seems to be the former human's act of distancing themselves from society, while still being innocent enough not to consider investigating further into their situation -- despite the church's rallying cry that 'here are Devilsnakes among them'...

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