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The Glows and the Flash

There is a rare trait amidst the people of Enrin: the Flash. At random intervals this trait allows the individual to perceive the world as it once was: sunlit some times, other times bathed in moon and starlight. Sometimes the Flash was only for a moment, other times it would last an entire day.   When the world first went dark, these people were considered mad, disregarded by the rest of the population doomed to darkness. But as those baring the trait grew more insistent, the rest of the nations grew irritated and hurt, eventually leading them to either drive these peculiar folk into exile, or even to murder them outright. Very quickly, those who still bore or were born with the trait into major society learned to keep their mouths shut, to hide away this special but haunting gift. Until Damok.   Damok, the totalitarian ruler of Purkal, bears the Flash trait. From his comfortable seat of power, he began to experiment with its use, curious to see if he could somehow use it to ensure his power over an population that was increasingly growing restless. Then he noticed something: while seeing through the Flash, he discovered that ever living being had a small, faintly glowing jellyfish-like bubble wrapped around a small part of their body (a finger, a tail, etc). He first tried to remove it from a shroomoo. The act immediately killed both the small jellyfish and the shroomoo. Further experiments made smaller discoveries about the nature of what he called the "Glows," but then he came across his greatest discovery: sound, when directed at the glows, could manipulate both its and its host's behavior, or even downright kill both. Though still in the roughest of stages, he has now begun to develop a series of devices - the Audilures - that could see these Glows turned into weapons against any and all who might oppose him.   A few of his researchers have discovered something of the hidden truth behind what Damok is attempting, and have secreted away various files to the local resistance groups, both to be used as counter weapon to Damok's plan, but also to attempt experimentation that might also breach communication between humanity and its strange tag alongs.

Basic Information


No larger than the palm of a hand at the biggest or the nail of a thumb at the smallest, Glows are jellyfish-like in their appearance: domed, jiggly bodies, with four feathering tendrils that act as both feelers and limbs. They don't appear to make any sound, and in fact are particularly susceptible to sound: the tone and frequency of sound often leads them to secrete variable hormones into their hosts that slightly alter the behaviors of the host body (Damok's experiments turn this to the extreme, allowing for manipulation of the host through the extreme amount of hormones produced when sound is applied in a localized and extreme manner).

Genetics and Reproduction

There is currently no known means by which Glows reproduce.

Growth Rate & Stages

Glows seems to grow at a rate correlating directly to their host body.

Ecology and Habitats

Glows have so far only been known to capably live while attached to a host form, though they do not seem to have any particular preference between humans, other mammals, birds, fish, lizards, etc.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It is unclear what they exactly take from their host in order to subside, though current theories point towards either hormone or white blood cell consumption.

Biological Cycle

There is so far no apparent affect on the Glows in regards to the passage of time, beyond the fact that they seem to grow in size as their hosts do. They have not been a known entity long enough for Damok to have been able to witness them in a Flash while someone has died of old age. They do, however, seem to die if ever the host body parishes.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Glows appear to sense wholly through touch, though some theorizes that they also have a sort of ability to both secrete and take in environmental hormone and/or scents in order to communicate or locate areas of desire.
Scientific Name
Hydrozoa lumous
Conservation Status
Hidden from the mass populace, though currently under threat from Damok's experiments.

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