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Hailing from a dimension beyond our physical plane, Asomats are by definition refugees. They have tried and have failed to properly describe their home in a way humans can comprehend. The explanations usually involve trying to get humans to imaging a materialess world, one of pure essence. Not a cloud or a bubble for these too have mass, but world of pure spirit energy. Imagine how chaotic and fragile a world like that would be. How could anything there survive? How could civilizations thrive and new technologies develop our of the essence? These are questions asomats are unable or unwilling to explain, but somehow they ended up here and more are coming everyday. Keep an open mind and an open heart, unlock your third eye, and feel the currents run through the magnets embedded under your fingers, you can feel them even now.   Yet this state is temporary. They may be able to exist in our material world in their original bodies, but they cannot interact with it. That is why most choose to inhabit human or occasionally animal bodies, ones who's own souls had just recently passed their still sprightly mortal coils. They think little of this as a hermit crab changes it's shell, or a human choose a new apartment to live in. It is a taxing change that requires much thought, but often necessity will demand it.   After which the Asomats will use what they can acquire from the memories locked inside their new host minds to try and play out their lives as if nothing has happened. If you know anyone who has been on the verge of death or even stepped a toe over the line only to come back with a seemingly full recovery save a small bout of amnesia, or a slight personality change attributed to PTSD or Physical brain damage, you may know an Asomat.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

According to most humans, The Asomatous Plane is the blessed paradise where all gracious souls shall go once they pass on. This is debatable. Young Asomats are born when the essence breaks off from the great wheel at the center of the Asomatous plane and gains sentience. It comes into life slowly, more like waking than a childhood. Later some Asomats will claim that they are the souls of humans sent to the Asomatous plane and reincarnated back into the human world, and the shrinking size of the Great wheel is a direct result of the extinction event occurring as Nu-humans kill the rest of their species. This cannot be verified as Asomats do not remember anything before their awakening in the dying plane and may not have existed until that moment.   Asomats can be dispersed due to strain or other powerful influences but do not die naturally as we do. If their host body dies they can find another with some effort. This is another reason that animal bodies are not preferred due to their shorter and harsher lives, tohugh it may be a nice change of pace for Asomats who've been around since the time of old earth.

Ecology and Habitats

Asomats will often flee to the physical plane together with ones they consider like family, though no such concept truly exists in their world. Most will attempt to absorb bodies in close proximity in space and time though their lack of understanding of human norms and lack of available bodies will sometimes lead them to obtaining ones of very different age, social status, or even species which will often put strain on relationships, often severing these apart.   Instead most try to find other Asomats that it would make sense to interact with through hidden messages in ads for book clubs and they like. They're ability to perceive souls means they can instantly recognize one another from great distances.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Only by obtaining human bodies do the Asomats comprehend the five sense. Before this touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound were all unknown to them. However they could see the essence of things as it were, and they still can. The can see wavelengths, the life force of all beings and the ties that bind them. "Newborn" Asomats often have make sense of their new ways of seeing the world or confusion that normal humans cannot. Some go on to become great spiritual leaders and practioners, educating Nu-Humans to perceive the essence of all things. Most however discourage this for fear that a human could grow to sense them, and know that they are not as they appear to be.
Conservation Status
The Asomatous plane is dying, and taking what unknown number of souls which can't escape with it. Soon the only Asomats in existence will be in hiding in host bodies.

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