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Auroral Humans

Auroral Humans are a sub-set of the dominant species, which I've dubbed Nocturnal Humans. They still think of themselves as "humans" and a part of "humanity". They simply have a unique ability that most people don't have.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The only thing that separates Auroral Humans from Nocturnal Humans is that Auroral Humans can see in color. They express the recessive gene which "turns on" the cones in their eyes (organs that enable color vision). Auroral Humans remain sensitive to bright light, just like the Nocturnal Humans.   Since the concept of color doesn't exist in their language, Auroral Humans say that they "see differently" and have "different sight/eyes". If they were ever discovered, Nocturnal Humans would say they have "auroral madness".

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Order of the Eye -- more commonly known as "the Order" -- is a secret organization founded to identify and protect those born with color vision. The Order also studies the auroras (what they really are and how they are made) and color in general -- naming and categorizing colors, the nature of color, and why most people can't see them.   When the Order tests a person they suspect might have color vision, they present the subject with a collection of glass chips. Arrange them however you like. The chips are different colors, so color-sighted people will, more often than not, sort them by color -- an arrangement that the color-sighted interviewer can verify. The interviewer then asks why the subject sorted the chips in this particular way, prompting the subject to explain that some chips look different from others.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Members of the Order leave town to watch the Great Auroras out in the wilderness. It's also an opportunity for members to catch up with each other. As a secret society comprised of persecuted people, opportunities to socialize openly are very rare indeed.


The church has long asserted that "auroral madness" has been wiped out, since there have been very few cases since the legendary son of an ancient chief. The Order, however, knows of several others that they failed to save and have been erased from official history. Each color-sighted person that the church discovered have been banished to the wilderness (a death sentence) or secretly executed. Church decree grants clergy the authority to euthanize babies and children suspected to have color vision so that "this madness" will be nipped in the bud. Were it not for the Order's intervention and protection, there would be none living who can see in color.

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