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The Green Leaf Ones

The Green Leaf Ones are the outcasts of Leaf Ones. They are very similar to the Leaf Ones.

Basic Information


They appear to be humanoids made of leaves. They tend to be green. They often have various leaves and petals for hair. Their eyes tend towards vibrant colors of all hues, recently a green gene has started becoming dominant in the Green Leaf Ones.

Biological Traits

Life expectancy is between 100-130 years. They average between 5’ and 7’ for males and females.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce through pollination which involves a male sticking his stamen into the females pistil both of these are located in the lower hip region. A seed then begins to grown within the female. After a 4-5 month gestation the seed emerges and sprouts into a baby Leaf One.

Growth Rate & Stages

It grows at the same rate and matures like humans

Biological Cycle

As Leaf Ones age they do shed leaves from time to time. As they reach near the end of their lifespan they begin to shrivel and dry. The last moment of Leaf Ones life is a burst of life force into a pile of leaves that were the color it was in life.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have the same 5 senses as humans.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Church Of the Wind. They are still a predominant force within Green Leaf One society. Though hidden they maintain ranks and a following.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

They begin each day by applying a skin dye that is colored red, orange, yellow, or brown to look like a Leaf One who isn’t green. They make these dyes to appear to be clothing dye.

Common Taboos

They love the color green, feeling that it embodies the god of Wind.


They worship the god of wind. It was said that the Wind god was displeased with his worshippers and caused a tornado to come and destroy the Ushatet. It also killed many Green Leaf Ones. Causing them to become a minority. This event caused a mass migration from their first homeland. Now lovingly referred to as Ushatet’hom.

Historical Figures

High Wind Priestess Kazpa. She is said to be the Wind Priestess who sacrificed herself in order to save all Leaf Ones. She is considered a Saint in the Church of the Wind.

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