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All Souls inhabit a plane of existence parallel to the material. Their presence creates an energy and can be used to manipulate the material world like magic. Some-the juvenile or early stage souls-can still interact as individuals and remember things. The more aged or mature (late stage) souls lose this capability and become one with the human hivemind or collective subconscious. Like the mindful human, a Soul can most quickly communicate via this subconscious, though it tends to be very difficult and highly personalised. It also has a more pronounced effect in areas which have a higher or longer death record as the soulfield becomes more dense as its population rises.   Some souls are bound to an object or person and can remain in the early stage for as long as that thing remains. There are certain metals (non-native, all delivered to the planet by asteroids) which can interact directly with a Soul. Some bind, others erase by redistributing the energy.

Basic Information


Early stage Souls look like regular people, with less corporal gravity. Sometimes they fail to adhere to physics. They might look snowy during the summer, dry during a rainstorm or hair might blow when there's no wind or movement.

Genetics and Reproduction

None. The population grows as sentient beings die.

Growth Rate & Stages

All souls go through an early and late stage. During the early stage, a soul can bind to an object and remain in this stage. In the late stage, a soul loses or forgets its past and becomes a part of the natural world, being only energy or a subconscious. Late stage Souls have no individuality. They are a force, like gravity, not a mob. These Souls infuse the material world and, in ways, power it. They are the fuel of magic.

Ecology and Habitats

A world with people.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Early stage Souls are able, at times, to retain a human appearance and interact with the world. They are also called ghosts.
Scientific Name
Homo Espiritus

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