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Bubonic Plague

Or to be more precise, the bacteria behind the plague. It was discovered by Giampierro, using his newfound "microscope", developed together with his friend, Ignazio. The spectacle maker was into the workings of the human body, and altough writings on the matter were banned, and thus hard to come by, he acquired some books and treaties to satiate his hunger for knowledge. One of these books was a list of plagues and mass illnesses that happened over the brief history of the less than two centuries old nation, but still, it had a great variety of various fevers, infections, and diseases, one of which seemed to resebling his own condition. Lately he was unable to concentrate during work, the world seemed hazy, his body felt hot, and was constantly itching, he couldn't keep his meals down, and strange pustules have started to grow on his thigh. These were the syptoms that the native population shown after the Great Siege of Unampatu, one of their walled off city. The sieging Giamvenese were inconsiderate about the well being of the inhabitants, as the siege was long and ardous, and proceeded to sack the settlement, kill the men, rape the women, and go back to their millitary camp nearby. This was a huge mistake from the generals, as though the soldiers were satisfied with the outcome, they also got infected by the plauge, and soon the whole camp had to be quarantined, then left for dead, as there seemed to be no cure for the damned. Giampierro first dismissed the idea that he may have contracted this disease, but soon found dead rats under the floor, which had the same kind of pustules all over their bodies. Taking a sample from both the animal's and his buboes, the spectacle maker examined the pattern in both of them, then proceeded to take samples from seemingly uninfected tissue, and finally caught a flea, that was giving him so much pain during nights. To his horrid discovery, both the infected samples, and the flea had a black mass inside it, which seemed to grow along some white-ish lines in the samples, for which the contrast was provided by the uninfected tissue. This meant that he both found out that he has indeed contracted the plauge, but also that it wasn't a punisment from god, but probably a living being feeding upon men and beast alike. The symptoms show that the disease has already taken over his body, so if he doesn't get any help soon, death is a given, but the constant itching all over his body reminds him how the plauge spreads, meaning that if he steps out of his home, everybody who comes near him, let alone touches him, will be afflicted, and to top it all off, if the inquisition sniffs out that he didn't just meddled with heretical knowledge, but also defies that at least this illness is not punisment from him all mighty, a slow, painfull death is on the horizon.

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