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Humans have found Time and use it for their own good. They now have the power of gods. They are now perfect.   Over the age of a world, humans have advanced beyond their own limit. Mega structures were built until it sustains the sky, the deep of soil has been modified into another sky above another city. No land is without a human's touch, yet, the edge of land are none. Only the limitless sky and the infinity ground that are unreachable for their kind. Clouds strokes the wall of silent towers, the blue sky never fades away from a sunless space. Humans are waiting painfully in their rooms. A cry always reaches the highest windows and the lowest ear than can hear. Only the clouds move.   Names are long gone. Books and activities give no substantial meaning for they have felt and know all. No more place to be built, no more time to be wasted. Every human is the same, they are one, they are just one human that lives in one city. Countless souls, same faces.

Basic Information


Human form: two arms, two legs, two eyes. They can reform themselves if they wish to, incuding becoming the wind.

Genetics and Reproduction

Humans have lost their impulsive system, every desire they have had been fulfilled, hence they do not reproduce any more or even do anything fulfilling.

Growth Rate & Stages


Ecology and Habitats

Humans can only be only found in the City.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Condition: Humans are waiting in vain and pain.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Alter space: humans can teleport.
  • Reform: humans can change their physical form, despite they do not use it anymore.
  • All-knowing: humans have conquered minds, they have known almost all things in the world.
  • All-Powerful: their form is their weapon. Time has given them enough power of an eternity to lift a mountain without even a second.
  • Immortal: humans live forever unless time returns.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Humans no longer use names to call one another since they can connect through mind.

Average Technological Level



History of humans have been lost from billions of years after the Discovery of Time.

Historical Figures

  • The Last Inventor: the scientist who found Time to save his/her daughter

Common Myths and Legends

Humans were diverse before the Discovery of Time, they had conflicts and problems to be solved.   Once, the world was in order and balance.
Scientific Name

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Author's Notes

Historical records are lost.

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