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Demons are denizens of the Infernal Plane commonly known as the Abyss. Generally chaotic and power hungry, they would like nothing more than to escape their origin plane to spread across other planes, changing the lands into approximations of their home. The dullest of the demonic races are grunt workers, serving whichever demonic master offers the most reward, or the most severe punishment for disobedience. Higher up the food chains stands the supervisors and overseers of the grunts, who in turn serve higher masters, usually called commanders or magnates. The power of these demons is forever in jeopardy as different factions struggle to gain the most power and prestige and their underlings vie for power of their own.   Due to the seal on the major portal to the Abyss, located under the Citadel of Meloria, most demons are trapped within the Abyss; however, their magics can still seep through the portal, and possess humans and other races in the city. This, combined with the earthquakes created when the most powerful of the demons attempt to escape, gave the demons leverage in brokering a deal with the Council of Meloria, in which the Council allowed certain higher level demonic entities to possess citizens and provided humanoid servants to the demon overseers in exchange for the usage of those grunt demons who could pass through the portal, and the ceasing of attacks against the portal.   Unfortunately, in the months of Likki and Myst, many of the terms of the agreement were broken by the Council, and on 15 Myst 1015, a major attack was launched on the portal, sending the entirety of the Citadel tumbling to the ground, as well as untold damage to buildings across the city. As some vessels were killed in the earthquake, demons who were found aboveground at this time possessed random humanoids to remain in the Material, causing chaos in their new bodies. In the beginning of Ilm, two months later, a rescue mission was launched into the Abyss, from which many humanoids thought to be dead were recovered, although the rescuer went mad in the process. Whispers began to abound about the brokered deal, spreading throughout the city and casting people into doubt of their importance to the rulers of Meloria, and of their neighbor's true identities...

Basic Information


Demons come in many shapes, sizes, and types; some are animal based, and some look vaguely humanoid. Limb number ranges from 2 to 6, sometimes more. Most demons either have scales or dense fur, although some have leathery skin. Most intelligent demons can also perform a skill thought to be akin to evaporation, where they become a shadowy patch of smoke-like material; some can become stuck in this form, and are then called "shadow demons".

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Low-level demons are often used as grunt workers in areas of low citizen traffic, such as prisons or the halls of the Citadel.
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As well, some demons are used to power automatons, as the inherent magic of possession acts as a much more stable alternative to the combination of arcane magic and electricity that normally allows automatons to run.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The home of the demonic races is within the Infernal Abyss; however, some can be found in Meloria.

Average Intelligence

Ranging from extremely dull to extremely intelligent

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

In addition to hearing and sight, many demons have the ability to feel or sense the presence of humanoids. The mechanism behind this sense is unknown. Demons also have the capability to possess humanoid races outside of their home plane, becoming incorporeal if forced out.

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