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Created by TyrannusRex
Wraiths , also referred to by their Luskvar name Sa'Horask*("not dead" or "dead no longer"), are mysterious, secretive, and highly dangerous creatures. They appear to be sentient, but possess no nations, nor do they seek to conduct negotiations with other races. They have no inventors or scholars, nor a culture of any sort; wraiths are purely devoted to war. They sustain their immortal bodies by devouring the souls of living creatures and can starve to death if they do not feed. Any creature that has its soul consumed by a wraith while it is still alive transforms into a magically-animated husk of its former self that obeys the wraith's commands. Such a walking corpse will slowly decay over time until it has been reduced to an animate skeleton whose fragility serves little purpose to the wraith; typically, they will be released and properly die after this, though some wraiths may choose to keep their slaves around as long as they are physically intact. This can occur with intelligent species as well as lower animals, with at least one wraith known to keep a horse mount, even though wraiths are able to float upon the wind quite easily.   Wraiths are believed to have been responsible for the downfall of the Salusk city known as Kohn, though the historical events surrounding the city's destruction have been hotly debated for years.

Basic Information


Wraiths are ethereal or semi-ethereal beings composed of pure dark magic. Their energy takes the form of flowing, tattered robes and their cold, cursed weapons; some wraiths have skeletal faces and hands, others wear armor, and some are simply a dark, empty void within.

Genetics and Reproduction

The origin of wraiths has yet to be completely ascertained. Some say they rise from the graves of wicked men, others that they spontaneously appear in areas of extreme evil and dark magic. Wraiths do not seem to reproduce biologically; they possess no organ systems and of the wraiths who have been heard speaking, all had male voices.

Ecology and Habitats

Wraiths favor areas of extreme cold and/or dampness, preferring to inhabit snow-swept tundra, underground caverns, or abandoned cities.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wraiths have never been observed eating, but it is believed they fuel themselves by consuming the souls of living beings, either while the victim is still alive and struggling or shortly after they have been killed.

Biological Cycle

Wraiths are ageless; they do not decay over time, due to their undeath.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Sometimes if a Wraith is killed in a certain manner, it will drop its weapon, which will become corporeal and able to be wielded by other creatures. Such cursed weapons are extremely powerful, but aren't always the most physically durable. The dark magic contained within has a number of malevolent uses, something scholars are still studying at great risk.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wraiths are thought to be able to sense the life energy of living things, though this might not be the case, as it is possible to hide from them with enough effort. It is thought that sight is their strongest sense, as most of their victims fell into a wraith's line of sight before their demise.
Sword Wraith
Scientific Name
Supernatural being defies classification
Wraiths will live forever unless slain or starved of energy.
Conservation Status
Considered critically endangered because of miniscule known population, though this may be a good thing.
Related Myths
*Prounounced (TSA-xor-AASK)(x as in loch)

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