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Godkin, the unifying name for all the races that come out of the essence of a god.
The godkin of Odun used to be numerous races, but after the invasion of Odun by the Empire of the Sun and centuries of hiding, many of them went extinct, leaving only 4 main races, that managed to restore much of their numbers.
The wise odunors, the brave leshies, the elegant fairies and the shapeshifting druids.

Basic Information



Odunors, singular - Odunor.
The children of the first god to arrive on the continent- Odun the wise.
They have the bodies of bears, white of fur. They are twice the size of normal bears. Posses the abilities to speack the speach of both the races and of the animals, as well as powers to heal living beings.
They use their powers to coordinate the animals in the deep forest and make their territory dangerous for humans. Helping the druids in keeping the godkin a secret.


Leshies, singular - Leshy.
The children of Midhir the forest guardian.
They are humanoids, half the size of humans. The only other differance is that their skin is made from tree bark.
They have power over plants. Able to accelerate their growth, make them move and many other skills. They help the druids by changing the forest roads to confuse travelers and make them lose their way in the forest.


Fairies, singular - fairy.
The children of Siofra the fairy queen.
They are humanoids the size of regular humans. They are born with the ability to summon a pair of magical wings, that give them the ability to fly. They have power over the weather and can summon both rain and sun, lighting and winds. They use those powers to make the deep forests inhospitable for humans.


Druids, singular - druid.
The children of Kushim the shapeless.
Their natural form is a humanoid the size of regular human. They look like they are made from clay. They dont have visible sensory organs or other features, just a blank humanoid shape.
Their insides are liquid and their skin has the texture of clay and is very elastic. Druids can freely manipulate their liquid innards and elastic skin to take many forms, they can also change the color and texture of their bodies. This is the source of their shapeshifting powers.
They have limits to this power. No matter how elastic their skin is, they can not stretch it enough to become giants, nor condense it enough to become rats. But they can takeany shape that humans can - from fat to skinny, male or female. And by changing the color and texture of their bodies they mimic an exact human copy, to the smallest detail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Odunars, leshies and fairies reproduce sexualy, similar to humans.
Druids can use the reproductionary systems of the creature they mimic by choosing which cell to send to their partner. While in their natural form, they dont have a specific gender, each druid has both male and female reproduction cells. When two druids reproduce in their natural form, they open parts of their skin and connect each other. They than exchange both male and female cells. When an egg is fertilised, the druid creates a solid shell around it, using the liquid innards. They than release the shell with the egg from their body. Several days later, the new druid has enough control over his liquids body to form a solid skin and break from the shell.
No cases of interspecies children have been seen.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like humans, Odunars, leshies and fairies take their food by mouth and absorb it by their digestive system.
When they shapeshift in a creature, druids can use the digestive system of the creaure they mimic. While in their natural form they open parts of their skin, making a temporary mouth, and swallow the food inside their liquid innards, where the food begins to dissolve.
Odunars are carnivore, leshies are herbivore and fairies and druids are omnivore.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Odunors, leshies and fairies have the same sensory organs like other animals - eyes, mouth and so on.
Druids in their natural form, dont posses specialised sensory organs. Instead they gather information about their surroundings with their whole bodies. Even when they shapeshift in other beings, they may form the sensory organs of the creature, but they still gather information with their whole bodies.

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