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The Chakras

The Chakras have long been thought to be a natural organ found in all animals. However that isn't actually true; the Chakras are actually a symbiotic lifeform that enters a host organism and feeds on the nutrients it provides and in exchange grants the host the use of Roi.   Nearly all chakras despite their origins become extensions of their hosts. Only one type of chakra; The Eitherist chakra, is capable of complex thought and serves as a second commander to any common chakras in a host in the event that the host is unable to perform survival functions.

Basic Information


Chakras examined outside the body resemble a jellyfish: A round fleshy disk with long tendrils extending from the base. As Chakras mature they go through a complex metamorphosis. Growing bigger and gaining the ability to create limbs from elemental roi.

Genetics and Reproduction

Chakras reproduce asexually. When they reach the final stage of adulthood in which they spread microscopic fertilized eggs into the air where they are then absorbed by a larger organism (almost always an organism in the beginnings of its life) and slowly grow out from there with the host. Despite individual Chakras producing different types of roi, all Chakra's are actually the same species.

Growth Rate & Stages

At the start of a Chakras life it one of billions of microscopic eggs that floats on the wind until one of them finds a host. Once inside the Chakra makes its way into position along the hosts spine then extends its tendrils through the host body to form the Roi Network (In most hosts this process is painless thanks to a numbing agent the Chakra produces (hosts can feel a numbness throughout their body early in life). This process can be painful sometimes but its usually covered up as just growing pains in a young host. The time to complete the Roi Network varies with the species, In humans it takes about three years.   When the Chakra is fully established in the body; it has reached its second stage of growth. The vast majority of Chakras end their lives here and never make it to adulthood. The reasons being that most host bodies die from old age or battle and take their Chakras with them. The other reason is that in order for Chakras to reach their next stage of maturity; The host must be able to effectively use all three attributes of roi and then must be exposed to intense levels of roi for a prolonged period of time.   In the third stage of maturity is called the Akros Rois. It is far stronger, a little bigger, and able to manifest limbs out of its element that the host can freely control. At this stage the Chakra finnally begins to produce offspring and realease them into the air.

Ecology and Habitats

Chakras always need a host organism (usually a vertebrate) when they are young. They feed on some of the hosts nutrients (the host of course ends up needing to feed itself even more). Environments with common roi storms are a must for Chakras to grow.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Chakras survive on the host organisms nutrients when there little, roi energy when there reaching maturity, and anything that gets caught in their tendrils when they hunt.

Biological Cycle

Chakras are dependent on the storm seasons of The Wheel that happen from season to season. Recent changes in climate have made roi storms less frequent then they were millions of years ago.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Chakras are the only known organism capable of manipulating roi in any way. Most organisms unknowingly depend on the Chakras for their way of life including humans.   The Akro Rois state of a chakra is very often used for combat.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

eggs can usually be found in the air throughout the Wheel.

Average Intelligence

They appear to be mostly instinctual creatures but their have been cases where they will help achieve the hosts desires without the host being aware at all. If they are intelligent human's have know firm way to find out and the Chakras have no interest in telling. Eitherist Chakras have shown some independent thought but its usually just a reflection of the host.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Chakras have a very simplistic sense of touch but get the vast majority of their sensory information through their hosts.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Scientific Name
Chakra Elementis
100 years
Average Height
.01 metes (not including tendrils), then .02 meters, finally .1 meters high (not including tendrils.)
Average Length
.2 meters, then .5 meters, then over 2 meters.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most are transparent blobs.

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