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Species X-10

Created by Peekajinx
Not much is known about Species X-10 other than reports from those who have caught glimpses of them. The following information is a collection of information gleaned from various sightings. As sightings increase, more information will be added.

Basic Information


Species X-10 is a humanoid creature consisting of a torso, two arms, two legs, a neck and a head. Most sightings have reported them to be "thin and lanky," approximately 167 cm (5 ft 5 in) to 182 cm (6 ft) tall. Weight is unknown at this time. They do appear to be sexually dimorphic. What have been assumed to be males tend towards bald and are taller, while females have hair on their heads and may be shorter.

Genetics and Reproduction

As of now, no genetic samples have been obtained. It is unknown how they reproduce. No children have been sighted, and it is theorized that they are kept hidden until they reach adulthood.

Ecology and Habitats

This species appears to be found in all parts of the world. Little is known of their preferred habitat, but they seem to frequent areas where Human populations flourish.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Recent knowledge suggests that Humans are Species X-10's primary diet. Now that their presence is known, it is suspected that the extensive lists of missing persons throughout the years may have actually been victims to Species X-10's hunting excursions.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Very little is known about Species X-10's senses. Sightings have clearly stated they have human-like faces, but their eyes are solid black with no visible sclera. They do appear to have excellent hearing and eyesight. It has also been determined that they do speak to each other, but the speech is in a pitch too high to be heard by humans.   What makes Species X-10 so exceptional is their ability to move quickly enough to utilize the human eye movement known as saccades, which can be read under the perception and sensory capabilities in the Human article. It's unknown how this ability may have been developed, but it is the reason sightings are so rare.   It has since been realized that many people who have been institutionalized and thought to be lunatics were actually suffering from a saccadic dysfunction that allowed them to see Species X-10, but what they saw was too horrific and they would fall into raving ramblings about the creatures hiding in the shadows.
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Note on Movement:
  • Due to the nature of saccades in humans, Species X-10 evolved to have an almost stuttery movement since it is a lot of stop and go to match the eye movement. While they have realized they are not hidden anymore, their movements remain the same due to physiological adaptation and it is possible to have time to use a Moth Ball as long as the person remains aware of their surroundings.

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Author's Notes

The name Species X-10 is a nod towards X-files, and the Russian word for shadow/ghost, which sounds like "ten" when spoken.

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28 Aug, 2018 23:23

If it exists x-10 this mean exist also x-6 or x-7 ?if you will address the origin of x-10 please answer this question

29 Aug, 2018 00:08

I put in my author's note the origin of the name. I used the letter "X" as a nod towards the sci-fi series "X-files." The number 10 comes from the way the Russian word for shadow/ghost is pronounced. Essentially, since Species X-10 was first "officially" spotted in Russia, they were being called shadows/ghosts. When it became realized they were real, scientists gave them the classification X-10 since they were unsure at first if these things were from Earth, or if they might be extraterrestrial. I hope this clears it up for you!

29 Aug, 2018 14:41

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