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The Ptheg-ores are the ancient beings who the Valusian people venerate as their gods.   It is said among their worshipers that a single Ptheg-ore has the power of an army of wise mages, but no one has seen any since the decline of those who worsiped them, now they only exist as mythical creatures in the minds of the descendants of the original worshipers.   Ancient depictions of the Ptheg-ores can be seen in the ruins of the prehistoric, yet ominus buildings of the ancient civilizations that worshiped them, and this images have scared the hearts of men since inmemorable ages   In recent time, however, the same people who forgot them has started worshiping them again now that The Faristan realm has engulfed their lands that used to belong to the Valusians

Basic Information


  • when young they measure about 7ft in height and grt taller as they age, with green,slimy skin covering their skeletal figure.
  • 5 eyes adorne their heads that prolonge to 7 protucions in the front of their faces.
  • their chests are concave and house many bone spikes, from where a bulging mass uf tentacles extends

Genetics and Reproduction


Growth Rate & Stages

little is know of the younger stages of life, given that no young one has ever been seen, but they seem to be imortal, the older they get the more powerfull magic they have acces to

Ecology and Habitats

They live in a plane of existence superposed to our own

Dietary Needs and Habits

the Ptheg-ores feast on the sanity of living beings, the smarter the more they can eat

Additional Information

Social Structure

no hierarchy can be pointed but seem to be highly cooperative with one another

Facial characteristics

a bone structure in the shape of an aureola adorns their heads. their faces compose of five eyes and seven tentacles where the mouth ought to be

Average Intelligence

Inexistent, but cases of smart ones are heard of

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

they have extraordinary hearing and sight, besides also having the ability to sense the brain waves of living beings
Scientific Name
Average Height
4.5 m
Average Weight
120 - 200 Kg
Average Physique
light green skin, skeletal and clawed fingers

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