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Small sentient flakes of what looks like gray or white ash, these creatures are the burned out soul of a larger fire elemental that has burned out. When the original elemental burns up the last bit of its soul, the Ashlings wake and come to sentience, their single-minded goal being to reform into a new elemental.

Basic Information


No larger than a sunflower seed, an ashling resembles a piece of ash that floats and drifts of its own will and power.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ashlings are both the end of life and beginning of life product for many Fira. New Fira can only be created by a god, and instead, are recycled at the ends of their lifespans to begin again. Many do not recall details of their past lives but can garner general ideas from their past such as what the air quality used to be like or drastic changes over thousands of years.

Growth Rate & Stages

An Ashling is the death stage of Fira. They grow by migrating to areas with other Ashlings from a single origin. They will clump together and eventually begin to reform into the same type of Fira that birthed them in the first place.

Ecology and Habitats

Ashlings can be found anywhere on Onus but are most common in the Ring of Fire around Volcanos, Wildfire prone regions, and in larger settlements with prominent forge activity.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They do not eat or drink. They are magical in origin.

Biological Cycle

At first, Ashlings are indiscernible from regular ash. They lay dormant until the last Ashling is released from the parent Fira in which they wake.   After waking they dig themselves up from where ever they'd landed and enter the migratory phase where they seek to come together en mass.   The final stage is reformation. When Ashlings group with up to 70% completion they will ignite, burrow, compress etc, to form into their previous incarnation depending on the type of Fira from which they came.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Very dulled senses, Ashlings are aware in a broad sense of the presence of other Ashlings from the same origin. They can hear sounds created within 5 feet of them. They cannot smell. They cannot feel.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Conservation Status
Least Concern

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