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The Younger Sister's Children

Written by SnoopFluffy

The Twinborn are parasites that grow alongside spindlesylph embryos in the womb of their mothers. They become biologically identical to their "siblings" while still in the womb and are impossible to distinguish after birth. They grow up in the believe that they're spindlesylphs and most of them die with this believe. The twinborn drain life force from their spindlesylphs counterpart. These pairs of twinborn and spindlesylph(called mirrorbrothers/-sisters) bond for life, commonly share effects of illnesses and possess a slight emphatic connection. The twinborn dies after a short period of time, after his spindlesylph partner has died. Twinborn are protected by the High Order, a religious organisation aware of their existence and in the belief the twinborn are the children of one of the two goddesses. Culture dictates ritual suicide after ones mirrorsibling died to cover up this parasitic relationship.

Basic Information


Twinborn are biologically identical to their spindlesylph siblings and thus posses the same stature and brittle limbs. There aren't any twinborn adelphophages since twinborn can't be born without a sibling.

Genetics and Reproduction

Twinborn grow in a pregnant spindlesylph's womb within the first two weeks of pregnancy and adapt their physiology to match their "siblings".

Additional Information

Social Structure

Groups of clans with each clan living mostly independent.

Facial characteristics

Big pointy cheek bones and big sail ears

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Only in this worlds equivalent of center europe.

Average Intelligence

110-115 IQ

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Twinborn drain the lifeforce of their spindlesylph hosts and die if their host dies. They have to consume food the same way spindlesylphs do. Why they need the extra energy is so far academically unclear. The High Order contributes this to the infertility of their creator.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The High Order and its 6 denominations are the only organisations that know of the existence of the twinborn. Their cultural influence is used to promote ethics and protect the secret of the parasitic existence of the twinborn.

Common Myths and Legends

Since most twinborn don't know of the existence of their own people, all twinborn legends are kept secret by the High Order :

Twinborn were created by the Younger Sister, who was smart, educated and skilled, but barren. Her older sister created the animals which were beautiful and alive, filled with fruitfulness and soul but unaware, stupid and lacking spirit. They formed a pact: The Younger Sister would pour her spirit and intelligence into her new creatures and the Older Sister would fill her creation with life and soul. Their children would life together and share the gifts of both their mothers. The Twinborn unable to live without the soul shared by their siblings and the spindlesylphs mindless brutes without the spirit shared by their siblings.

But the spindlesylphs felt they gave more than they got in return and started murdering their siblings to get back their life force and the world got run over by raging beasts. The Sisters banished the knowledge of the existence of the twinborn and created the High Order to protect their civilisation.
35 years
Average Height
1,4-1,55 meters
Average Weight
35 - 42 kg
Average Physique
Slender and brittle
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
pale, slightly greenish

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