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The High Order

Written by SnoopFluffy

The High Order is the main religious organization of the people of the spindlesylphs. Its purpose is twofold:

They teach the common population old tales of morality, laws and the divine wonders of their world.

But they also keep theological secrets from their followers to protect them from temptation, self doubt and a grand civil war.


According to order lore the order was founded at around 30 AC(After Creation) the order to conceal the existence of the twinborn . 1645 AC the order faced its first big theological controversy resulting in the splitting into two denomination. The next 200 years several additional splittings resulted in a total of six denomination, though these disagreements were far less serious. Now at 1956 AC the Order faces its biggest obstacle. The lack of twinborn births.


The High Orders religion, called Equilibrium, is the believe in the divine, balancing power of sun and moon. The religion encourages the focus on ones health, a natural lifestyle, and a close bond to ones mirrorsibling and praises artistic vocation.

The majority of keepers believe that the twinborn were created by the moon and are of equal value as their firstborn siblings, to whom they lend part of their mind in exchange for a part of the firstborn's soul.

The denominations calling themselves firstborn, claiming all their members are spindlesylphs and no twinborn , believe the twinborn are parasites without soul or mind and seek to cure themselves as soon as they find a method to distinguish twinborn from spindlesylphs.

Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Order, The Light Ones
Controlled Territories

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