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Describe a significant organization that is involved in the conflict and explain its involvement. (optional)
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The articles

Emisaries of the Fog

The Last Coalition

Organization: The Bloodborn-of-Surakhnit

Empire of the Sun

Knights Errant

The Ministry of Progress and Safety

The Church of Lantern Hill

the collective

Cèrez Principality

The Council

Neo council of Adapertio

The Tri-Planet Directorate

Society of Magisters

The Committee

Magic High Council

Order of the Borean Brothers of the Temple of the Holy Father

The High Order

Kalomide's Followers

The Mentors of Hudalah

Investigators of the Order of Crystalsmiths

The Society

New York Wanderers

Preternatural Research Commission of the United States

Gallant Order

The Cookie Jar

Stargate Command Nyxian Expedition

The Children of Nemesis

Holy Dominion of Hyrvir

The Nuren Aza Laboratory

The Masked Council

The Crucible

The Nam-ta-ong (Mystics)

Kingdom of Danerheim

Hellenic Group

Rat der Ratten

Der Ulmantstadt Kriegshaufen

The Masks [Commanders]

Black Order


The Godslayers


Blood Vanguard Brotherhood (TF)

Grand Archive Access

Order of the Flame

The First Tribe

Kultes des magischen Auges

Cult of the Deceiver


The Church of Luminous Sterility

The Church of Light, Dark, and all that is Between

The Alchemists

Boundary Walkers

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