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The Poecy is a religious organization that is rooted in the Faith of The Two Gods, who represents Life and Death. They tipically worship the God of Life, but there are members and subdivisions linked to the God of Death. This cult believes in the existence of these two gods and in the name of the faith this organization kills whoever disrepect their faith. They work closely to the kings and nobles to ensure their power in a symbiotic relation since as the kings give power to the Poecy, they ensure throught the faith that the kings must be obeyed in order to respect the life gave to them by the Gods. They have power to execute whoever they want and the king orders political executions in the name of the faith to avoid backlash and revolts. This organization was crucial in bringing the people together to fight the mages in the past, even if now all of that is considered a myth. The Low Hand is an obscure branch involved with the God of Death and are thus allowed to kill in benefit of the faith, something the ordinary members are not allowed to do. They also concede power to the military to kill and give the forgiveness when a life is taken prematurely, carying the punishment themselves. They are small but very powerfull, also the other branches are very fearfull of them and not always aprove their methods. They would have no problem in push for a new wichunt the moment the king say so.


The organization is ruled by seven cardinals, two of which are settled in Eloria. Each cardinal rule over a different branch of the Poecy and is responsible for something. Under them is the Poecy Council composed of the High Counselers. Above are the High-Priests who rule with the nobles over great regions and cordinate the work of the Low-Priests who are closer to the peasants and teach the faith to them.

He who lives under the rule of Life shall never find an unpleasant premature Death.

Religious, Organised Religion

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