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Preternatural Research Commission of the United States

"We have no idea how great their powers or influence really are, Director. All we have to go on is hearsay."

"Well then, it's a good thing most of our work runs on hearsay," Perth said nonchalantly.

The agent shifted nervously. "Still, we don't really know what it is we're dealing with here. And despite their relative isolation, they've had a lot of interaction with the general populace. Who's to say citizens haven't already noticed?"

Perth set down the papers. "Don't you worry about that. We won't let it come to that."

The Preternatural Research Commission of the United States, or "Perseus" as it is often shortened to, is a secret government agency dedicated to the investigation, study, and--if need be--elimination of any and all occurrences of abnormal and supernatural activity. Like the Greek hero they're named after, they seek to protect others from the monstrosities that plague the world. Or maybe they just want to destroy anything that might upset the societal norm. It's pretty up in the air.


Perseus is run by a Director, with both a Deputy Director and an Associate Deputy Director who answer to them. Beneath them are the Executive Assistant Directors of the various branches of the organization, including Intelligence, Security, Ivestigation and Response, Science and Technology, Information, and Human Resources.

Public Agenda

Because Perseus's very existence is officially regarded as an urban legend and denied by government officials, its members pass themselves and their actions off as in the service of more prominent government agencies.


Due to the nature of its work, Perseus has access to a significant amount of advanced technology. The tools at their disposal range in every purpose from finding and exposing supernatural threats to capturing and eliminating hostile entities. In addition to their regular agents, they also possess several Mobile Task Forces whose personnel are all specially trained in dealing with specific threats or situations that exceed the operational capacity and/or expertise or regular field agents.

Governmental, Department
Alternative Names

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