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Society of Magisters

The gift of peace

A small cobblestone building, contrasting with the bright, oak wood Order of Aeramen headquarters beside it, is nestled into the Liton Tais consulate district. You'd imagine nothing much went on down there. It seems true at first glance, diplomats milling about, poring over maps, chatting about trade, drinking beer and eating millet bread.   But leaving the room, I had a gnawing sensation. As if the very plants around me were fading from color... as if my very life-force was being drained from me. I kept pressing on through the corridor despite my better judgement. A bright, young woman's voice interrupted my thoughts about how out of place this area seemed. "Hi there! It seems like you made a wrong turn... here, I'll guide you back to the diplomats' room!"   I couldn't help but notice how warm, how crystalline the voice seemed, how she was the embodiment of kindness... yes, I had made a wrong turn right? But it had an edge, a hidden menace. As I was being led back towards the main room, I resolved to check back around here in the future.
– Journal of diplomat, found after their mysterious disappearance
Due to TF needing info, this is written from the third person omniscient. This may spoil some of the plot of Mythos 1.3
  The Society of Magisters claims to be an organization that supports diplomacy and gives the gift of peace during a time of war. However, beneath the surface, they are an organization of a few thousand magisters who are capable of acts of luck-based magic. The magic is a delicate weapon, and if used imprudently, can take centuries to clean up. The magisters have decided to go into hiding, using the Society as a front. Their one golden rule is silence any threats.


The organization is headed by a Council of Grand Masters, with one representative from each kingdom and a few special representatives (Historian, Analyst, Logistician, Honorary GM), steering the Society's international strategy.   Under the Grand Masters are the Grand Commanders. The Grand Commanders are responsible for the concealment of magic within their jurisdiction. One Knight-Commander is assigned to each base as the Grand Commander's aide.   Underneath the Knight-Commanders are Lieutenants. Lieutenants are responsible for the well-being of his patrol and the maintenance of their base. They qualify by passing a proficiency exam. Finally, the boots on the ground are the Journeymen or Companions. Generally under one hundred years (40 Earth years) of age, they are still learning magic. Divided into squads of four and patrols of twenty, these are responsible for carrying out missions assigned by their Lieutenant.

Public Agenda

Their mission is to maintain the gift of peace during this age of war.
To enact that mission, they:  
  • Help refugees and others fleeing combat.
  • Conduct youth messenger of peace educational groups.
  • Offer safe spaces for diplomacy and discussion of war and politics.
  • Rent some of their land for free to the needy.

Private Agenda

  Due to them being an organization to hide and research the use of magic, their private agenda is more straightforward. First rule is to silence any threats, internal or external. Second rule is to blend into humanity, so that said threats don't emerge in the first place. Third rule is to study the positive uses of magic. All magisters swear The Oath of Silence when joining the group.


Despite being a non-profit, Society assets have grown substantially from prudent investment. Even after the fall of the empire, they are the largest landowner, and leasing just half their land to others is enough to maintain their current expenditures. Excess wealth they have spent making prudent bribesgifts to diplomats.


The Society of Magisters was founded by the Ironfoot Empire approximately 500 B.U. Any memory of magisters had by then long since faded into legend. The Society claimed to only want to keep the peace, and silently found and assimilated thousands of magisters.   The Society's first Grand Master could see civil war on the horizon. The greatest magister of all time, he embarked on a ruthless campaign, killing all that were disloyal in the Society. Alas, despite his best efforts, the war could not be prevented, and he turned the Society's focus towards making sure no magisters got involved in the war. The human war's legacy would fade in decades, but if magisters fought, the scars would last millennia.

Donum pacis

Illicit, Front
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Magic System:
Luck-Intent System (see pillar two)
Magister Headquarters, █████ Province. Building burnt down mysteriously when Task Force ███ arrived on scene to seize materials.
Excerpt from Aeramen Archives
Species | Oct 10, 2018

A sister species to humans

Technology Example:
Intent Transfer
Technology / Science | Oct 12, 2018

A way to give your tools a purpose

Foundation of World:
Luck-Intent Magic System
Generic article | Oct 12, 2018

General notes regarding Mythos 1.3

Tactful Neutrality

The House Aban has given small amounts of funds to the Society of Magisters, and recognizes that they pursue a better future for the Ironfoot Isles. However, it strongly disagrees with the Magisters' pacifist stance, and that has led to relations that are lukewarm at best and icy cold at worst. This effect is compounded by the occasional Abanite attempts to "peek under the hood" at the Society.

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16 Sep, 2018 21:06

I like the details, the numbers provides a good idea of the scale and influence of the Magisters.
I also really like the line "maintain the gift of peace in an age of war"
Under history it implies that they kept Magisters a secret by recruiting them, killing the rogue ones. With thousands of Magisters, do other nations not have spies?

Of course, the public agenda is... well, public. They aren't about to announce that they can perform magic.

So is magic uncommon in the world, do other nations have little to no magical capabilities?
Under assets it says they have a large amount of wealth. What do they do with that wealth? Do they just have it to build further financial investments? Or is mainly spent on security, espionage, luxuxies, developing land, etc?

16 Sep, 2018 23:48

Answers to your questions: A) when the magisters were recruiting, everyone was united under one emperor, who was also the most powerful magister of all time. Given magisters were excellent mind readers, if you put a strong magister reading a weaker magister, the weaker one won't be able to conceal their thoughts, and will be discovered. That was how he was able to root out spies in the magisters.   B) No nation has magic capabilities. They all think magic is just that: a legend, nothing of truth.   C) They use the wealth mainly on two things: keeping an income stream so that they can support their network of magisters (yes they need to eat and sleep and etc.), and secondarily to bribe, er, gift important organizations so that they think that the Magisters are friendly and not worth investigation.

17 Sep, 2018 20:56

Oh, I love how much detail you give for this, it feels very solid. There is one thing that confuses me, when you mention their public agenda, it sounds like no one is aware that they're capable of magic. Has anyone known and been taken care of, or have they just been working in secrecy? Maybe some details in that section would be helpful.   The opening quote is wonderful, and really sets the uneasy tone for it all. Amazing job!

18 Sep, 2018 00:44

@Terry-Lynn they generally kill anyone who witnesses or spreads rumors of the magic, although they see it as a last resort. So, by the way, that diplomat ends up dead by the next year.

21 Sep, 2018 16:19

Ah, I see! Makes sense then.

17 Sep, 2018 23:26

Great read, you have one typo thats staring me in face like a dead fly in a bowl of soup. "magicam"

18 Sep, 2018 00:44

Thanks, lol gotta edit that.

18 Sep, 2018 02:19

A key element of this organization I like is the limited number of ranks, you have just a handful where as many other would list a dozen or so with various roles attached to them. The Magisters truly sound very powerful.

18 Sep, 2018 13:41

Based them off of monastic military orders, such as the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and the Order of Assassins (wouldn't that be a cool order to be in)

18 Sep, 2018 15:46

I like how the BOLD parts give the reader a stopping or pause point. My reading comprehension tends to get lower the longer an article is. Having points where I can breathe and take in what I've read is very much appreciated.   The cover image calls to mind old mills and a hotel I once stayed in. It is the kind of place you would expect peace and quiet from, which fits your organization's theme very well. It is also haunting, but that's likely me.   Your opening quote sets the scene in a clear and concise fashion. It is chilling yet the "after mysterious disappearance" line... I think you should add "their" to it. Otherwise it reads weird to me.   Are you going to do articles on the BOLD text? I'd be interested in reading more about the ranks. I'm impressed by the thought put into the structure. Have concrete numbers is more than I dare manage. Its clear they keep their secret hidden through any force needed. Has anyone ever managed to escape?

18 Sep, 2018 17:49

In general, yes I have many articles in the works about proper-noun places, organizations, artifacts, etc. although they are not very well developed yet. I'm doing a blitz in article development for the TF contest to start my imagination on how guilds/societies/orders work in my kingdom.

18 Sep, 2018 18:03

That's pretty neat. You have to love these challenges for helping give writers a spring-board. :)

3 Oct, 2018 18:30

That is a really solid amount of detail. I do think that including an article about the magic itself might be necessary, however. Is their goal to keep magisters out of war, and thus stop magic collateral damage?

4 Oct, 2018 01:15

Interesting article, it gives a solid picture of what the society stands for and the methods it uses. I do have to ask what you mean by "luck-based" magic and what "luck fields" are?

4 Oct, 2018 01:19

Ah, put much of it in my intent transfer article. Will edit this one.

4 Oct, 2018 01:29

Ah, okey

4 Oct, 2018 06:14

Content | 3
A nicely packed article on the Society of Magisters. One thing of note though is that with the number of terms being introduced, a little more flourish around them would be nice. Just to give a new reader a hint at whats going on. For instance you mentioned luck magic, which I was expecting to be a more major part, but it wasn't a focal point.
Technique | 3
I didn't notice too many mechanical mistakes, though there are a number of cases where sentences could be shortened. The quip at the end about bribery was nice, but a little jarring given the serious nature and tone of the rest of the article.
Style | 2
While the header and flag are nice, a bit more art would really bring the article alive. Something to give a sense of who these secret luck magisters are. A table for some of the ranks would have been better than just listing them as well, in my opinion
Overall | 8
Solid article, though it needs a bit more detail for it to truly stand on its own. It sounds like you have a world planned out, now you just need to give out in chewable bites. A central theme or point would really help drive the narrative as well. What purpose does the society have? Do they have enemies? Things such as that.

Tikal's Grading Criteria
Content: What is the substance of the article like? Did it draw me in? Did it explain what I needed to know to understand it? Proper formatting to induce reading is included.
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Every article starts up with at least one point and scales upward as I read. There's no real maximum, however, the more I read your work the sharper the curve will be.

4 Oct, 2018 23:29

Oh, gosh. This sounds like me reviewing my friends' English papers (in a good way, a really good way). Can I copy your grading criteria into my reviews :P? And yes, will edit some style.

6 Oct, 2018 20:40

Saw your article being reviewed on @IsaNite 's Twitch channel and thought I would drop by for a look.

6 Oct, 2018 21:01

Oh right, I need to get there! I was lagging out earlier :(