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Children of the Moon

Demonic creatures born from Mother Moon and summoned by those dumb enough to do so. These creatures have no master but the Moon and will kill whoever may summon and enslave them as soon as they have even the slightest hint of a chance to. They walk the desert at night and hide from the Sun in the day, killing and feasting on any human they see. They save those who worship the Moon. Many believed them to be extinct eons ago when the Sun cursed the Moon is an endless glow, rendering it impossible for the creatures to live. However, the Moon was dedicated to her children and every night sacrificed a sliver of herself so that it may be dark enough for her children. The Azlāl cannot manifest their forms while the Moon is full, yet grow stronger the less the Moon showing in the sky.

Basic Information


Pure shadows. These creatures have no definite form for they take the shape of whatever they desire. They have no need for food or water for their bodies are not even corporeal. Their favorite shape, however, is fear.

Genetics and Reproduction

Undying children of the Moon. If a shadow is split into two different shadows then Azlāl will split, becoming mad and more animal-like.

Ecology and Habitats

They live in the shadows, for they are the shadows. The darker the space is the more they can grow and consume. The light will shrink them, so for them to live on the surface they must find nooks and crannies for them to return when the Sun awakes or they will be no more.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Demands the consumption of human flesh.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They see through darkness, while the light is blinding to them in the same way darkness is blinding to humanity.
The Shadows, born from the vengeful Moon and summoned by the vengeful, yet idiotic, Cave Dwellers.

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