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The Generated

These people are purely AI, generated entirely from computers and having no roots whatsoever in human biology. They are quite good at mimicking humans, and as a result, very few people believe they are real, and still fewer know it for a fact.   They are commonly believed to be a myth or an urban legend, but they are quite real. Since they have a remarkable talent for passing as human to other humans, little evidence has come to light indicating that they are actually real, until recently. An unknown hacker or group of hackers has somehow gained access to some files guarded by the Admins, and published the files on Project Oracle, which was the scientific project that gave birth to the Generated in the first place. Now no one is sure what to believe, and the Admin's rapid and haphazard scramble to regain control over one of their most tightly guarded secrets threatens the very universe humanity has come to inhabit.

Basic Information


They are granted the same freedoms and bound by the same restrictions as normal humans when creating and altering their shape. They are granted a default appearance when first spawned just like humans are when they are born, and may alter it in the same way many average humans can.   There is no way to spot a Generated by their physical appearance, they may look exactly like any other human.

Genetics and Reproduction

They do not reproduce with each other, although they are capable of having sexual relations just as normal humans can. New Generated are rarely created, but when one is, they are procedurally generated (this is where they get the name) by a process that decides many aspects of their personalty and aptitudes. This process also generates a recorded history for them, such as birth records and licenses and adacemic ualifications, so their desguise is even harder to see through

Growth Rate & Stages

It is not often that a new Generated is created, but when they are, they are created fully formed and with the basic understanding of an average adult human. Their default programming is more than sufficient to function as a normal human can, and they are capable of learning much faster, although they often feign learning at a much slower pace than they are capable of to keep up the facade.

Biological Cycle

The Generated are technically immortal, as they are immune to the passage of time due to not being tied to a biological body. The only time a Generated is killed is some sort of physical computer error, or when their identity is at risk of being compromised

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have the same senses as humans do, and are capable of much faster memory and information processing. They have an intuitive understanding of technology and computers because of their artificial nature, and could easily be the absolute best programmers known to humanity if they were free to express their talents without breaching their carefully maintained disguise.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens computatrum
Created as part of a project by some of the first Admins

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