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Totens come from the small valley across Ethea. They were a peaceful people. Totens thought highly of their democracy, but it was eventually the cause of their downfall. Their government became corrupt. The man the Totens elected to rule them began to bribe the council to vote for his sinister laws. Some people saw this and they started a resistance. They attacked their ruler and they tried to expose him for his treachery. The ruler crowned himself king of the Totens. The king saw a weakness in his attackers. The rebellious Totens went out of their way to keep citizens safe from their terrorist attacks. The Toten king began using citizens as shields during his attacks.   A large family of Toten citizens saw what was happening. Their home was falling apart! They decided to flee. They traveled for days but they could not find food. Their stocks from home were running short and they had seen no sign of other civilizations. They decided that they had no choice. Everyone knew about the Etheans and their strong hatred for outsiders. The Totens can shapeshift and because of this the family decided to take the risk. They began lives with the Etheans and everything went well for a while...

Basic Information


Totens in their natural form have brown skin, four arms, large ears, and completely black eyes.

Genetics and Reproduction

When a male Toten is giving birth the baby wakes up from its nap on the brain and it wiggles out the ear of the male Toten. During the four months the Toten male is carrying the baby memory loss and headaches are very common for the male Toten.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Totens have the ability to shapeshift for long periods of time, but every 48 hours they have to go back to their natural form for 10 hours to let their abilities recharge.
Conservation Status
Totens must stay in Ethean form so that the Etheans don't find out that they are living among them.

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