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Beings made of dark matter, ghosts interact with the world in a strange and difficult to understand way. They can *float* in any direction with no hindrance from material floors and walls, and they can mimic whatever shape and coloration they wish, allowing effortless imitation of beings and objects. They cannot alter their size, become fully transparent, or move faster than jogging pace. However, they have learned to induce hypnosis, which for beings of their nature is a surprisingly simple task. Unfortunately, they have no other methods of communication, and hypnotised targets do not respond well to being shown what to do.   On their home planet, an accumulation of dark matter inside the planet the Perseus once hoped to find life on, technology cannot progress beyond a fundamental state. As a result, society has been unable to develop, and feudalism and war have been in place for millions of years. The band of ghosts that has smuggled their way on board the Perseus were initially horrified when the ship took off, as they were unable to escape the ship, caged in by the magnetic field produced by its engines. However, as the years passed by, and they learned to read, the ghosts realised this could work for them. If they could somehow take control of the ship for just a moment and launch it at the capitol of their greatest enemy, the sheer destructive potential of the engines could wipe out the entire kingdom, and they would die heroically.

Basic Information


Ghosts are amorphous. They generally interact with things by realigning their molecular structure so as to pull or repel said thing. However, this only works on other dark matter, and exerts the same force back on them. Battles between ghosts are won and lost by dragging toxic materials into each other, before then extracting it. It is only necessary for them to consume life in order to reproduce, and biodiversity is, at this point, only maintained by farming practices.

Genetics and Reproduction

Upon consuming enough of other creatures to reach twice their minimum size, they can split into two duplicates, each with a flawed copy of the original's experiences.

Growth Rate & Stages

They do not have a child stage, and do not age

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They can perceive light with all of their body, allowing full 360 degree vision. They can also perceive another form of dark matter, which behaves similarly to light but is a particle, passes through material objects, and travels different speeds depending on where they are (Would be Mk I as standard, but pushed by incredible winds may be as much as Mk XV one direction, impossible to see other direction). On a planet, this allows them to see each other and their ground even when below the material surface, but when the Perseus is in mid-flight, the particles are not present and they only see using light.
Scientific Name
As of yet, no convention exists to classify non-terrestrial life

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