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Basic Information


Woodeaters are insectoid beings that resemble termites. They have six limbs and antennae. The females are called Woodaughters and the Woodsons Males. They are born of eggs, and their children are born white and can remember the human puppies. When they turn 12 , are chosen to form a caste and have different forms for each other, except those of the CradtSaps.   Workers are non-fertile females who have the size of humans and a puck from the appearance of their bodies. They have 4 pair of arms and a pair of legs.   Soldiers are non-fertile females who are of horse size. Their heads are logas and pointers that are capable of playing acid. They have a centaur shape. They have a pair of arms and 4 pairs of legs.   Male leaders look like the Workers, but they have a pair of wings.   Female leaders, are fertile, are similar to males. They have the largest abdomen.

Genetics and Reproduction

Only leaders can have children. The children leave eggs. Incest is not allowed by the species, always at the time of reproduction. The males are sent to other families to conquer a bride and open new relationships for the future of the familia.pode to acontcer of the couple want to create their own tribe.for this is necessary the permission of the two Matriarchs to decide whether to leave or not.

Ecology and Habitats

live in the inside of the change of the Good Mother. living in caves that create in the trunk

Dietary Needs and Habits

eat wood, so the name, but also can eat other vegetables and fungi.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have great vision and smell.
Conservation Status
They live on the trunk without predators. The Woodeater has been living in peace for years. Because mankind has discovered the powers of Blue Sap. And the end of the species may be coming. Since humans still remember the hatred they had for them.

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