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Once prey, now awakened to sentience...

Today as I was shepherding, I saw a gravedigger tree capture prey. I know why we made the trees, that they are needed. But it still disturbs me. The tree caught a stag, and seeing my antlers, I suppose it mistook me for a fellow deer. It looked at me. Not through me as animals used to do. I could swear it was pleading with me to help it. But there was nothing I could do. It drowned soon after, and was consumed. Why does that animal's death haunt my sleep? Are the rumors about the animals true? ~ A qilin/kirin beast shepherd
  First brought to Dra'cora as livestock and game animals 150 years ago, they doubled in size and eventually gained sentience and sapience due to the magic rich environment provided by The Pearl Egg of Creation.   Being a prey species, they outnumber Dra'corians, and are unable to naturally control magic. Beasts keep to their own tribes, with each having their own separate language, and a shared one. The mindset is split concerning Beasts eating each other. Some have no problem with the food chain as is, while others seek a better solution. Some prey Beasts have gone so far as to form partnerships with predator Beasts, gaining protection from Dra'corian hunters in exchange for raiding crops of vegetable lambs and barnacle geese to feed their protectors.   Marine beasts currently live in the largest fresh and saltwater crater lakes, until the Egg's terraforming spell can spread far enough to effect Dra'cora's only sea.   Most fear Dra'corians, seeing them as monsters. Use of magic frightens Beasts most of all, because they can't understand it yet. Some are in awe of Dra'corains, and others curious. A very few actively tried communicating with them, but most prefer to hide and outwit them. More aggressive beasts have begun stalking Dra'corian hunters, destroying traps and campsites. So far, these attacks are meant to frighten, but lately they have been growing bolder. Sooner or later, someone will get hurt, or worse...  


Anatomy & Morphology

  The Beasts of Dra’cora look physically no different from wild animals on Earth, but are twice as large, just as smart as humans, and fully capable of speech. Insects and fish are non-sentient--except for sharks--and unlike other beasts, can grow to truly gigantic sizes.   Their paws / hooves / claws are more dexterous than those of Earth animals, although only some of them have thumbs, such as rats and primates. Beasts are still quadruped but can stand upright on their hind legs to manipulate things with their forepaws. However, this position is uncomfortable for long periods, so things are most often held in the mouth.
Varies by creature type. Land vertibrates live from 25-50 years, barring illness or accident. Reptiles and sea creatures live longer, with averages of 50-100 years respectively.
Related Myths
Note on Lifespans: On average, they live twice as long as their Earth ancestors, but the time seems shorter due to Dracora's much longer years.
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Four and a half times as long as Earth years.

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Author's Notes

Currently edited to show how the Beasts were during their Awakening instead of in modern day for the Forging Worlds with Tale Foundry Challenge. This article will be restored to its modern day setting after the challenge is over.

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11 Sep, 2018 09:14

Good Work on this one as well. I like the idea of all kinds of cross-breeds being possible. My question: What is the modern relationship between God-Blooded and Beasts? You said there are beasts with god-blooded friends. Is that common? Or is it something that is looked down upon (from either side)?

Same constructive criticism as towards the egg applies: More use of the side bar, more use of custom headlines.

19 Sep, 2018 18:19

I filled out the relationship part :) and used the sidebar. Also I remember which other two articles you commented on now. :P It was the Pearl Egg and the Intro ones. But feel free to check out the others if you want. :)

4 Oct, 2018 21:10

Wow, that's... unusual. The idea of usual animals becoming sentient is cool, especially the part about them being able to stand upright! Are the Vegetable Lambs the lambs that grows like vegetables or vegetables that think they're lambs? And what about Barnacle Geese? Also, have there been any attempts from the beasts to start massive or organized attacks on Dra'corians? I mean, some beasts are really dangerous, especially if they're twice as big, and if sentient big animals attack the camp at night... It might be all over before anyone understand what happened. Or did some of them start to hunt down hunting parties, which as I understood Dra'corians send after the beasts?

4 Oct, 2018 21:17

I linked to the article about the vegetable lambs and barnacle geese, just click on those words in the text. :) Also, very good questions about the beasts possibly attacking. That is a fear some Dra'corians have, but I hadn't considered it from the Beasts' side of things yet.

4 Oct, 2018 21:26

Added a bit about them attempting to scare off the Dra'corians.

4 Oct, 2018 22:09

For some reason thought there was no link O_o sorry for that. Yeah, that addition is cool and may help up to spice the starting conflict!

5 Oct, 2018 03:55

Very well written, I like how many links you've added, and the potential for future events you've teased (like the terraforming spell, and the trans-species beast tribe).   Do you have any idea how such a relationship would develop? You've already described how some species have developed mutually beneficial relationships, but are there different kinds of relationships? Are there any omni-species tribes?

5 Oct, 2018 07:27

I do like the idea of the beasts being not only bigger, but surely a lot more sentient. It really does give a bit of a twist on the "everything's bigger". My question though is how advanced are these species, considering some have thumbs and other don't? Is it more tribal, or do they have actual forms of technology and social structures?

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
5 Oct, 2018 13:46

The beast of this world will later create a farm where pigs are in charge. Everyone is equal but some are more equal then others.   Besides the reference this article is a perfect example of making the viewer ask a lot of questions. Like what type of societies will be created by prey and predator? Will it be peaceful or violent? This article brings the imagination to life and I like it for that.