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Dra'cora is a land of legends and magic. In the far flung reaches of space, on an otherwise barren and toxic world, it lies nestled beneath a fragile dome woven of ancient and long-forgotten enchantments. This is a land where mythical creatures are real, animals talk, and the very elements themselves are alive and thriving.   There are no humans here, nor elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, goblins or orcs. No humanoid has set foot on Dra'cora for millennia.   Until now.   Hurtling through the stars, a human colony ship enters the system, seeking a new world to call home. As they pass near Dra'cora, the engine catastrophically fails, forcing them into an emergency orbit.   What happens when science meets fantasy? What happens when Space Age explorers are thrown head first into a Fairy Tale? Or when Fairy Tale creatures suddenly encounter Space Age people from beyond the sky?   These are the Legends of Dra'cora.