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Timeline of Stories

Weekly Microfics (350 words or less)

Ancient Dracora

Age of Founding: Before Crossing from Earth


"Red Skies"

(Prompt: A Fleeting Glimpse)

Age of Founding: Awakening of the Beasts (150+ years After Founding)


"Who are the Shepherds? Who is the Flock?"

(Prompt: The Shadows Are Watching)

"Winds of Change"

(Prompt: What's the Catch?)

Age of Dragon and Demigod Worship (2,000+ years After Founding)


"Cracks in the Facade"

(Prompt: Were the Angels Wrong?)

Rise of the Nex, Dawn of The Dragonslayer Wars (12-year war)



(Prompt: Abyssal Depths)

Modern Dracora

Age of Recovery after The Dragonslayer Wars (3,000+ years After Founding, 100-year recovery)



(Prompt: The Teeniest Beastling)


(Prompt: Last Moment is the Longest)

Age of Peace


"The Labyrinth of Apocalypse"

(Prompt: 50 Feet of Glass) (voted runner up, not in the blog yet)


(Prompt: Come Sail Away)

Human Arrival (536 years After Recovery)


"Family Jewels"

(Prompt: They All Came Back)


(Prompt: But You Gave Your Word...)

“New Neighbors”

(Prompt: A Kindness)

“A Fireside Guest”

(Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!)

“Among the Dreaming Gods”

(Prompt: The Sky Blinked)
(Prompt: Rising from the Ashes)
(Prompt: Reaching into the Maw)
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