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G Babes

"What is your name?" the man in the black mask asked.   "Ada, sir," she said, sitting poised in her chair. She waited patiently for the next question, staring straight forward.   "How old are you, Ada?" The man in the black mask asked.   "I am 18 Years old, sir," she said, sitting poised in her chair. She waited patiently for the next question, staring straight forward.   "And will you do everything I command?" the man in the black mask asked.   "Of course. That's what I was trained to do, sir," she said, sitting poised in her chair. she waited patiently for the next question, staring straight forward.   "Go home. And when I call on you. Return," the man in the black mask said.   "I understand your request and will fulfil it to the best of my ability, sir," Ada said, standing up.

Basic Information


G Babes resemble humans because they are humans.

Genetics and Reproduction

G Babes have been steralized and cannot reprodice. This was to prevent future tyrants from creating a secret army to keep the country under a militaristic watch via children, teenagers, and young adults.

Growth Rate & Stages

G Babes grow at the same rate that humans can grow in terms of aesthic, however, internally they don't grow. They have the genetic makeup of whatever age they were when they underwent the process.

Ecology and Habitats

G Babes live among the rest of the population of The Ander Vale.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The same as regular humans.

Biological Cycle

It is the same as Humans.

Additional Information

Social Structure

G Babes are secret soldiers within their society.


G Babes are assigned to a Mask. These Masks are the only ones who can give true orders to a G Babe.   G Babes can think and act on their own, but their indoctrination makes them unable to resist the orders of their Mask, unless it's a suicidal request. G Babes have tried to run away and be free, but are brought right back in at the command of their Mask.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

G Babes are an emergency protection service created by the Ander Vale Government out of fear. They were afraid that something terrible would come across their lands, and they wanted to be prepared for anything.

Facial characteristics

When G Babes are not under orders to blend in with the crowd, they have blank, emotionless expressions.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The population is scattered unevenly across the Ander Vale.

Average Intelligence

G Babes have intellgence similar to humans because they're human in nature.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

G Babes can communicate telepahtically with each other. They are trained in various forms of fighting, and are essentially a secret army in the event of a cataclysmic event. G Babes can also heal much faster than the average human. All G Babes are aware they are G Babes, and have been ordered to blend within their society has much as possible without giving away their nature.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Ander Vale Government: The Protection Project.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

G Babes can communicate with each other telepahtically in a language they and their Masks can only understand.


Government Babies "G Babes" were the children the government kept (ages 11-17) in the wake of the Child Labor Compromise. No one knows what these children went through, or why they were insisted to be kept by the government, and no one questioned it when these children eventually found their way home.   These children were the successful expirament to create a sect of secret immortal soldiers designed to protect The Ander Vale if it were to ever go under attack.   They are all connected to a singular Mask that commands them. Though they have free minds, they cannot resist the commands of their Mask. These Masks are physical masks that can change as years go by so that these soldiers stay under the control of the government.
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Human ancestry.
Conservation Status
G Babes are in finite numbers, after the Child Labor Compromise. Across all of The Ander Vale, there are 2853 G Babes hidden throughout the population.
Average Height
5'7" to 6'1"
Average Weight
Average Physique
Most G Babes are well built so that they can withstand inclimate weather or a tough fight.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Each G Babe has a tattoo on the back of their ear, numbering which one of the G-Babes they are.

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