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Flower Fey

Declassified by The Dwhren Network

The Flower Fey are unique creatures that have lived among the people of Bestonia for centuries as their "invisible friends" from the Six Fairies myth.

Basic Information


The fey look like small humans females. Little wings sprout from their back and around their bodies are fallen flower petals that act as cloths. Their bodies are consider flawless with no imperfection or growth. Each individual fairy represents a type of flower such as a rose or carnation.  
A Lesser Flower Fey:

Two Types

  They are broken up into two kinds, the Greaters and Lessers. The Greater, has been described in myth to their leader who keeps the garden alive and healthy while also keeping an eye on the lessers. She is slightly large and much more powerful. The Lessers, are the most common. Their job is to help the Greater and the nearby environment.  

Magic Traits

  Flower Fey have many unique abilities that break the current understanding of magical law in the way we understand it. Here are the few main powers they have used in our documentation.  

Empathic Touch

  This ability allows them to touch anyone and almost instantly change their emotion and memories. This touch does not weaken or cost anything on the fey or the recipient.  

Fey's Guise

  Their humanoid appearance lends to them well when they want to be seen. Some have been known to temporarily increase their size to walk among people to experience their lives using their fey magic. How this occurs is unknown. However, normally their wings and lack of fitting cloths would be a dead give away. They instead casted what I call the "Fey's Guise" around them to morph their wings into a beauty dress making it impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye. Not only that, but the guise give an invisible magic aura, even to elves, that forces people around them to be kind.   When they are in their fey forms, the guise protects them from sigh. If one would happen to be spotted, the spotter would only see a flash of light as if a the sun was reflected off a mirror. However, at night these could appear as fireflies.  

Touch of Growth

  At a single touch of their hands, flowers, hair, trees, wheat, and all manner of creatures. This does strain their body depending on the size of creature and the amount of growth.

Genetics and Reproduction


Ecology and Habitats

They require natural flower gardens in a temperate climate. In these gardens, they make their home among the petals of flowers away from sight.

Dietary Needs and Habits

All they need is sunlight and a bit of water. They are just like flowers in this respect, but they do need a source of magic on occasion to sustain themselves.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They are beings of pure magic. Such concentration could be used in alchemic experiments for all sorts of potions and projects.The tears themselves are strong enough to make an entire person burst into tears.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The only known location is in the town of Bestonia in their flower gardens who were left unknown for centuries.

Average Intelligence

They are smart and clever, but can be too trusting.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While they can hear and see, their special Empathic Sight, is unique to them. We don't understand which type of magic this is or how to replicate it, but it must stay that way. The sight is the ability to see, understand, and feel another person's emotions and what caused them. From my agent, the sight is instantaneous and no known magic can disrupt it. Very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They have a fondness towards humans and only humans. The more their appearances differ, the more they stay away. Elves and Orcs are not as scary due to some of their physical similarities to humans but Otterun and Griffirca are monsters in their eyes.
Curious about these creatures eh? There is a reason why I kept them away from the public eye and you... should do the same
— The Dwhren
Population: ~9
Scientific Name
Parvus Flos Mediocris
Average Height
3 Inches
Average Weight
1/4 lb
Average Physique
Their size does not aid them. They can only lift their weight.
A Greater Flower Fey:  
I hope you now understand why they should be left alone. They are peaceful and kind with the powers they have. If anyone found out about them well it would spell doom to the town and the fey. Imagine people from all over coming to find them for whatever nefarious purposes they have.
— The Dwhren

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Cover image: by Cicely Mary Barker


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28 Sep, 2018 17:06

What is the "Six Fairies" myth?

Herminia Renna
28 Sep, 2018 17:21

The Six Fairies myth has been passed down through generations of elves to eventually the humans in the Fairley region. As a result, the myth itself and vary between people. However, it is about how a hero of either human of elf blood that is destined to lock an ancient evil behind a door. With the help of each of the six fae, the hero is able to do this. Scholars believe this story is about the six magics that govern the world of magic used to teach children how they work and why. While I'm skeptical about this idea, it does hold up at many points. I personally think it is about types of personality and how one uses and deals with their emotions, but its not a very popular opinion.   We hope to create it's own article at some point, but we have been quite busy with other research. I hope this helps.   -Archivist Mozarg

28 Sep, 2018 17:23