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The Shadow Dreamers

The Shadow Dreamers did not start as a race originally but was rather composed of many different races to those who worshipped the god Dravacus, The Dreamer in the Darkness. They had originally been the higher ranking members in its church in Mordehan, those who had gone under Dravacus's Calling Ceremony. The symptoms had been minor at first, and occasionally even beneficial. Visions appearing in their dreams at night, melding into the shadows in the alleyways, Speaking a weird tongue, Nothing that couldn't be combated. Then the visions slowly started giving them commands. They seemed innocuous at first, a certain type of plant, make this weird circle, nothing too large and unwieldy. In addition, they seemed to be from Lord Dravacus himself, making this the first direct contact of a god to his worshippers in, well, ever. Such a rare honor caused these priests to be ever zealous in completing these tasks. These tasks would go on for many years, and some in the order would note a peculiarity, as noted by Brother Praecius. You see, those high priests that received the orders would go on to live much longer than their counterparts in the other races, and would not age, but rather fade away. As time creeped forth, the high priests started to develop a tendency to hide in the shadows, far from the prying eyes of those who would challenge their claims. This culminated in the year 283 of the Third Era, Where the priests were transformed into something more. These priests morphed into a long, slim frame and seemingly composed of shadow itself, with their eyes glowing a piercing red. They also seem to possess an unnatural strength and move in an eerily smooth manner, often only sneaking through the shadows, where their movements seem only a ripple in the dark. It is thought that their true power lies in our minds, in the darkness that few are willing to explore...

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