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The cloud dwelling imps that spy over all of Likanza have been relatively peaceful creatures. Their ever changing homes prevent them from truely connecting with any of the other species. They have had their eyes on Gunkoro for quite awhile now. They admire how quiet it is there, and how everyone seems to work alone. They think the golems are friendly creatures, but they want to have Gunkoro all to themselves. The imps are starting to grow tired of living so high in the clouds. They want to have a place that they can call their own for once.

Basic Information


Their heads are like upside down triangles while their ears are wide and droop down in a U shape. They are typically fairly skinny creatures that are either red or brown. Their eyes are pretty large with small eyebrows that are below their 2 small, spike-like horns. They, unlike the golems, are magical creatures. They are good at brewing potions and they try to cast spells in desolate areas. It is a skill that the creatures down below know about, but they do not know if they are any good at it.

Ecology and Habitats

Amongst the clouds, they like to construct whatever buildings they need out from the clouds themselves. They will create bookshops, storage rooms, brewing stations, and more. They build their own rooms and houses but switch up the style whenever they get bored of it. They like to be unpredictable as they hide away from everyone down below.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Since they live above land, the imps here will fly down to whatever town they are above and search for whatever fruits and animals they can find. Imps mostly like eating large fruits like grapefruits, mango and coconuts while they search for large rodents, which make up a large part of their diet. They do not usually store their food, so they go foraging may times a day.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The imps are very intelligent and can see great distances. Most of them are very crafty and like to learn about as much as possible. They love exploring new places, which is pretty easy for them because they learn the lay of the land as they sore over it. Their eyes allow them to see small creatures roaming around as they soar over them.

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