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The smartest species found on Vestige, they were also once the dominant force not through force, but ingenuity. The passing of time, and magic, though, has left them barely more than a shadow of what they once were capable of. Now they hide in fear as most Wardstones have fallen in the passing centuries.   Horus, their last bastion, continues to move forward, driven by their zealotry and worship of their Wardstone which is viewed as a god. They have grown complacent under the protection of the Wardstone, and many of their technological achievements have become nothing more than relics of an age long passed.   A few, though, sense that their own Wardstone is failing, and they will need to relearn both old skills and new ones if they are to survive in a world that has forgotten they ever existed.

Basic Information


Many humans on Vestige are swarthy, from years of living beneath the triplet suns, despite being driven underground by the intense heats of the surface.   Those who live on the canyon-floor, though, are paler than their compatriots from centuries of living in relative luxury. They are also naturally thicker of waist and jowl, giving many a perpetual pug-like look.   Many of the craftsmen of the Midlands wear long beards with cropped hair and adorn their beards with small beads denoting their craft. Women, on the other hand, wear their hair long.   Those who live furthest up the cliff-side are the darkest of skin, due to their almost constant contact with sunlight.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans live in fear of being found, as their numbers have dwindled with the fading of magic and, more importantly, the failing Wardstones that once protect nearly three dozen cities across Vestige. Relying on their ingenuity, great bridges once spanned the canyons of Vestige, but have fallen into disuse.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Humans, omnivores by nature, have been forced to live mostly on Stone Pods, a nutrient rich, fleshy plant that grows well on the cliffs of Horus.
Scientific Name
Homo Sapien
Conservation Status
Protected by the last of the Wardstones, Horus is a small, isolated city with only a few thousand inhabitants.

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