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Basic Information


Thick skinned, full of pores, blue to green, with birthmarks on their bodies as well as tattoos of wild beasts, tales, and mythologies. Crocked bend backs with rips poking out, quadrupedalistic (walking on all four), yet if they walk on two legs they seem indistinguishable to Boldt. Bend teeth like boars, growing fast, hooking themselves to prey, ripped out they regrow, long ogre teeth are carved whilst in the mouths of the Blin. As gnomes wander the world for treasure they turn into chimaeras coming back with deformations. When they are surprised their hair stands up, they breathe heavily, and their bare face stretches into a smile.

Ecology and Habitats

At masquerades, Blin imitated monsters with masks, expressing their person and ideology, they are obligatory, their absence means they’ll be hunted for a bounty. Eternal armours, chains slowing them down, repaired by smiths, withstanding temperature and protecting blin from the Remembered World. Funiculars with gondolas connect the hangar with the mines, were they sleep cuddled in their hammocks, berths or on carpets in caves. Mineshaft tunnels are labyrinths dug through Goliaths’ Foot, with so many dead ends where treasures are hidden by hoodlum-pirates, to later be recollected.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

White blind eyes, they smell and taste more flavours, hear more tones, and have a massive heart full of empathy. Growing a lot of black hair, turning silver white with age, never to be cut, braided with trinkets in them, which keep track of memories and stories. Vegan and vegetarians, feeding of dirt and vegetables buried in it, their skin has pores absorbing spores filled with small spirits, morphing them. Ogres are old trolls, who were gnomes who have survived for long enough to find a home, all of them are slaves to the village. Their bodies are not regenerating, wounds or brands stay forever, identifying owners and heritages.

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